Those Darlins Made My Day

Before I even begin this blog, props need to go to my good pal Matt at Addicted To Vinyl for his assistance in helping me through rather vulgar texts on some mp3 help…  Thanks jerk.

I had one of those days today.  It was a bad day at work.  It was just too much for me and I really wish I had a special remote control to help fast forward through all the BS.  Unfortunately I do not so I had to go through my work day at a regular speed hating stressful moments.

Those Darlins indeed...
Those Darlins indeed...

Finally getting home I just needed some chill time and what better way to do that than to geek out on the laptop.  I checked my emails and one in particular grabbed my attention.  It was an email inviting me to check out a band called Those Darlins who are currently touring with Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys).  Having never heard of them and being a huge Black Keys fan I decided it could not hurt to listen to the attached MP3.

What I heard completely changed my entire day and I am not just saying that.  After hearing the song “Wild One” I just felt better.  It was a fun folky honest song of sorts and something I really needed to brighten up my day.

So who are these three darlins I speak of? Those Darlins are a folk/country/indie/punk/appalachian/blue grass (hope I did not miss anything) band featuring Kelley Darlin on bass, Jessi Darlin, on guitar, and Nikki Darlin on, get this, baritone ukulele.  Awesome.

The trio currently resides in the college town of Murfreesboro, TN a city that rests somewhere between the country capital of the world Nashville and the Woodstock replacing town of Manchester, the city Bonnaroo is held in.  Taking their love of playing music and love for a variety of bands of all genres Those Darlins created their own style of music and released the sassy Wild One EP.

Before I even continue you should just click on the link for the song and listen to it for yourself…

Download This! – Those Darlins – “Wild One”

With one song not enough of a sample I headed to their MySpace page to check out a few more tracks.  The vocals on some of the tunes reminded me of a female version of Hank III as well as a twangy Jenny Lewis or even Zooey Deschanel.  The music is classic at times and all around enjoyable.

I have a feeling these three cuties and their mustache sporting drummer really will be going places with their unique and chipper sound.  To make things even better, I just found out that Those Darlins are coming to the Beachland Ballroom next week.  I have to go see them in person and I think I will.  Look for an update next week.

-To pick up the EP for just $5.00, or to purchase some of their self-made merchandise visit their site at:

Until then check this video out…

Tiny Toons / They Might Be Giants “Particle Man”

Oh how I love the random function on my iPod.  I have been listening to all sorts of music this morning and one song in particular almost had me singing out loud.  The song, “Particle Man” by They Might Be Giants, has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.  While listening to it I thought of the little Tiny Toons snippet that aired on TV one day…a cartoon music video of the song.

I immedately took a quick break from my work flow and searched for the video online.  Finally I found it so I can share it with you all.

This is one of my all time favorite cartoon clips/videos of all time:

Watch Tiny Toons – Particle Man clip in Music Videos |  View More Free Videos Online at

Ben Folds Your Clothes

The other day I left a FaceBook comment for my non-manual vehicle driving pal Matt.  He had tweeted (yes, tweeted on Twitter) that he was listening to Ben Folds.  I thought I would be witty and clever and posted the following:

Ben Folds is watching you...
Ben Folds is watching you...

“Ben Folds Your Clothes”


 The statement was funny and bold.  I am sure Matt got a laugh out of it or cried himself a bit that night to sleep.  Regardless I chalked one up on the board for being funny.

Today he tweets that Ben Folds is playing in Lakewood, OH on 3/22…

Coincidence?  Hell yes it is.  I am sure Ben Folds was looking at both of our FaceBook pages this morning and thought to himself “man I really need to visit these two lame-o’s…maybe I’ll play a show in Lakewood.”

Good idea Ben Folds…  Thanks for extending your tour to the cool city of Lakewood on a Sunday.  I have got to find tickets for this.

-Check out the tour dates on Ben Folds’ website. (note, I am not seeing that Lakewood date but I know Matt would not lie about this…)

-Did you know another Ben Folds CD was released?  It is called Stems & Seeds and has is for a nice price.  I am very interested to hear the remixes as I was not a huge fan of Way To Normal.