Ex-Suicide Machines Frontman Jay Navarro Continues With Break Anchor

I used to love the Suicide Machines and I am sure a lot of you out there did too.  I was stoked to learn today that Jay Navarro has decided to try his luck at a new band called Break Anchor.  Sure, the Suicide Machines have played a couple of shows here and there since their 2006 break-up, but nothing has been released and there really have not been any talks about new material.

Break Anchor is straight up blue collar punk rock out of Detroit.  I’ve only heard one song so far and am really looking forward to their debut.

Streaming on AOL Spinner is the song I speak of, “A Failure of Epic Proportions.” The song will be featured on Break Anchor’s first release, a three-track, 7” vinyl EP called Blackhearts and Blackouts.  I need me a copy of this in my collection.  The artwork alone is killer!

Navarro had this to say about why he started a new band as well as what happened with the Suicide Machines.

“People don’t really know the whole story of the end of the Suicide Machines…in short, I had decided to either to call it quits or just play shows once and awhile. I wanted to get a job and raise my children.”

“Things just ended up badly between Dan and myself. Six years have passed since then. A job with medical insurance and a 401k, not a ton of money but steady scraping by. The American Dream, right? It’s a brutal job working in a 10 below freezer, lifting heavy ass cases 60 hours a week. I come home tired and sore as fuck like most blue collar people. My high school education doesn’t qualify me for much. But then again I work with plenty of guys with college degrees and amazing credentials who can’t score a job. Now they can’t pay back their student loans and many of my friends and their families have lost their homes to banks. Some are just squatting till the police kick them and their children out. Michigan is at its worst. Like many, i’m so tired when I come home from work I want nothing to do with my wife or kids. Which was the whole reason I quit touring in the first place. I’m so sore I can’t sleep, so I drink and pop pills. I wake up in pain. I’ve watched, as i’m sure many of you have, the corporations rule and control the world…our system has completely failed us. I feel I have failed my kids, my wife, and myself. I have failed all those who have believed in me. American Dream? This isn’t living. So one drunken, frustrating night I wrote this song. It’s not a song about feeling sorry for myself or anyone, and it’s not an apology. It’s just me saying, ‘You know what world?….with my last dying breath, I will spit Hell at thee.'”

Look for the 7″ release by Break Anchor to drop March 20th on Paper + Plastick Records.

Fat Mike Writes A Ragtime Album?

It’s true folks.  Fat Mike, you know that guy who boozes it up a lot in NOFX, has written a ragtime album that will also supply as the soundtrack for Soma Snakeoil’s new fetish film Rubber Bordello.

Remember “Buggly Eyes” from White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean?  Well you can expect an entire album full of music just like that song. 

It’s actually something Fat Mike has wanted to do for years.  Teaming up with members of the Mad Caddies and Tom Waits’ backing band, Fat Mike has created 10 old time-y ragtime tunes guaranteed to entertain.  His music also will provide for the soundtrack to a flick that is probably best stored in a shoebox under your bed.

HEADS UP! Rubber Bordello is for mature audiences only, so make sure you are 18+ before heading over to the site to check out the preview of the movie.  It’s not for everyone.  Let that be your warning…

Head over to iTunes to check out Fat Mike’s soundtrack and snag it for yourself!  I will have a review shortly up here.

Album Review: The Jealous Sound – A Gentle Reminder

About three years ago, LA’s The Jealous Sound posted “there is hope for us….” on their MySpace page.  It was a subtle hint to their fans that they would be still working as a band after constant rumors of  the band breaking up and with no real material being released in years.  Later that summer, The Jealous Sound kept their word  to the fans and announced that the indie rock band would be touring with Sunny Day Real Estate on their reunion tour.  A couple more years would pass before anyone heard if The Jealous Sound would be dropping new material and finally in October of 2011, the band announced an all new album would be dropping in 2012.  A Gentle Reminder would be the bands first full length release in almost 9 years.

The album was well overdue, but is absolutely incredible to listen to and was made possible by the band being refueled after touring with Sunny Day Real Estate back in 2009.  Once that tour wrapped up, The Jealous Sound kept putting ideas together that would mold into A Gentle Reminder.   With the addition of a new bassist, the band still grasped onto their 90s post-rock sound influences that really helped define their sound.

What’s more impressive about this release is that it does not sound much askew from their 2003 release Kill Them With Kindness.  The emo-y pop rock sounds that this band put out turned heads back then and easily will now.

“Beautiful Morning” opened the album off with no hints of a 9 year break between albums.  Blair Shehan’s vocals are the same emo-y / indie sound I was expecting and it was more than welcome to my years.  This was a strong opening track with choice vocals that almost seem as Shahen was hiding personal thoughts in them “We all get by when we have to.  We all can change when it’s time to change and I think I know what they’re after” clearly was directed to the fans.

The following track, “Change You”, just continued to impress.  This chill yet slightly haunting track sounded almost as if it were too good to be a Jealous Sound song, but then again the band did have a few years worth of time on their hands to write it.  “Your Eyes Were Shining” easily was my favorite cut off the album with catchy guitar playing behind Shehan flowing smoothly.

“Here Comes The Ride” was a slow, emo-y track that seemed to put the breaks on things until “Equilibrium” rejuvenated things instantly.  The energy in this track was worth the earlier lull.  I love how the band just seems to completely let loose on this track.  It was a fun surprise to listen to.  “Perfect Timing” really needs some radio play.  I have the feeling people will really get a kick out of that song.  The title track “A Gentle Reminder” took a couple steps back for a moment but soon Shehan was quick to jump back towards the microphone and belt out some great singing.

I will admit, I thought that The Jealous Sound was done for years back and I was ok with it.  I will say though that I am beyond stoked that they decided to give it a shot again as a band and dropped A Gentle Reminder. Not trying to compare them to a Neutral Milk Hotel thinking style, but I am kind of glad this band took its time releasing an album and more so am thrilled they recorded it because they wanted to and not because they had to.  The hiatus may have not been what many fans were hoping for, but the return should be all that more rewarding for anyone who calls themselves a band and the payout, this album, was something far worth waiting for.

The Jealous Sound is currently touring in support of A Gentle Reminder and will be making a stop in Cleveland on February 17th.  You would have to be a damned fool to miss out on this show.  It is going to be that show that everyone talks about for the rest of this year.

The Revival Tour – Spring 2012

The Revival Tour is back on the road and will be swinging through Cleveland on April 6th! 

The Cleveland stop will feature Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio / In The Emergency Room), Cory Branan, and Nathanial Rateliff all playing at the Grog Shop.  This is going to be a night to not miss! 

Get your tickets now! There are also bundles available for purchase as well where you can score a ticket and a special vinyl.

Rock On The Range 2012 Lineup Announced!

Now in its 6th year, the ever popular Rock On The Range is taking over Columbus, OH, from May 18th to the 20th at Columbus Crew Stadium.

“If you thought last time was a blast, then this time we are gonna blow your f#@*ing mind,” – co-headliner Rob Zombie.

The current lineup for RotR 2012 is as follows: Incubus, Rob Zombie, Shinedown, Marilyn Manson, Five Finger Death Punch, Slash, Megadeth, Chevelle, Cypress Hill, Mastodon, Theory of a Deadman, Volbeat, Down, The Darkness, Halestorm, Escape The Fate, P.O.D., Lacuna Coil, Adelitas Way, Black Stone Cherry, Cavo, Attack Attack!, Trivium, Bobaflex, Falling In Reverse, Redlight King, Aranda, Emphatic, Otherwise, James Durbin, Black Tide, Kyng, 12 Stones, SOiL, Rival Sons, Eve To Adam, and Ghosts of August.

That’s a pretty healthy lineup!  I do not know about you, but there a few bands playing this year that I would not mind checking out, including The Darkness, Volbeat, Mastodon, and Down.

To make things even more fun, the Friday Night 4Play returns, which is an absolutely FREE with every RotR weekend ticket purchase. The May 18th party will be featuring performances from Hairball, Foxy Shazam, Hells Bells and more… Did someone say Foxy Shazam???

Tickets go on sale on Friday Feb. 10th at 10am.

This has proved to be a fun weekend festival year after year.  Don’t miss out!