Ben Folds Your Clothes

The other day I left a FaceBook comment for my non-manual vehicle driving pal Matt.  He had tweeted (yes, tweeted on Twitter) that he was listening to Ben Folds.  I thought I would be witty and clever and posted the following:

Ben Folds is watching you...
Ben Folds is watching you...

“Ben Folds Your Clothes”


 The statement was funny and bold.  I am sure Matt got a laugh out of it or cried himself a bit that night to sleep.  Regardless I chalked one up on the board for being funny.

Today he tweets that Ben Folds is playing in Lakewood, OH on 3/22…

Coincidence?  Hell yes it is.  I am sure Ben Folds was looking at both of our FaceBook pages this morning and thought to himself “man I really need to visit these two lame-o’s…maybe I’ll play a show in Lakewood.”

Good idea Ben Folds…  Thanks for extending your tour to the cool city of Lakewood on a Sunday.  I have got to find tickets for this.

-Check out the tour dates on Ben Folds’ website. (note, I am not seeing that Lakewood date but I know Matt would not lie about this…)

-Did you know another Ben Folds CD was released?  It is called Stems & Seeds and has is for a nice price.  I am very interested to hear the remixes as I was not a huge fan of Way To Normal.

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