Cool Dude: Justin Towne Earle

Have any of you heard of Justin Towne Earle?  Does the last name sound familiar?  Well he is indeed the son of Steve Earle but also is an amazing Americana/Country/Folk artist from Nashville who captured my attention at Bonnaroo this year.

This Bloodshot Records artist thankfully kept going after he was fired from playing in his father’s band due to bad habits and overcame them.  I may have mentioned him before here on the BHP site but today I was killing some time today and came across the video for “Midnight At The Movies” and was reminded of how much I really love this guy…

Honestly I feel like this guy is a modern day Hank Williams.

I recently found out that Justin Towne Earle will be coming to Cleveland for a December show with Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) and his protege Jessica Lea Mayfield.  You can bet your you know what I will be there that night.  That is going to be an amazing show to end the year with.

Until then I have my copy of Midnight At The Movies I will continue to spin here and there as well as the internet to watch countless videos and live performances.

I also found some downloads from his Daytrotter session.  I adore his cover of The Replacements‘ “Can’t Hardly Wait”.  Click HERE to check it out for yourself as well as a few other great tracks.

Here are a couple videos I found lately that I enjoy…

Father and son:

His politeness and well-mannerisms kill me…

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