I’m A Winner

That could have come off a little sarcastic.  This time I am serious though and I am not feeling sorry for myself.

I won a contest over at Sensory Overload today.  Kelly and Jose were holding a little contest of sorts and this morning I submitted a comment with an answer to their question:

What/Who do you think exactly are influences behind The Little Ones sound?

Having not heard of The Little Ones before I checked out the mp3’s that Kelly and Jose so kindly posted.  I liked what I heard and threw in my two cents.  Today I got an email from Kelly saying I won a Little Ones t-shirt and an autographed vinyl from the band.  Pretty sweet!  Thanks guys!

It pays off to check out other people’s blogs!  I should be having some contests this year as well as I am teaming up with a couple of labels myself.  Stay tuned.

-Check out Sensory Overload

-Check out the The Little Ones on MySpace

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