Sitting Here While Everyone Eats Pie…

I don’t want you to feel sorry for me at all because I am working today.  It comes with the territory I suppose and in the end I will actually gain something after sitting in my cubicle for 8 hours…2 days off in December.  I am ok with that.

The one thing about today that differs from the other days I am here is that it is not that busy.  People are being safe today or just waiting until tomorrow to call in for assistance.  Anyways, slow days mean I get to use the iPod.  That keeps me entertained.

A couple of songs popped up that reminded me of my past throughout my shift.  I guess you could say they are jems from my past.  Has anyone heard of any of these?  If so what do you think?

Just Another Victim” – Helmet & House Of Pain (Judgement Night Soundtrack)
I loved this soundtrack when I was a teenager.  The movie was ok but the soundtrack was just awesome mixing up rock with rap.  Who would have thought this CD could have started such a trend?  House of Pain AND Helmet?  Awesome.

“Not The Same” – Dinosaur Jr.
I was always a huge fan of Dinosaur Jr. except the time I saw them live.  Worst show ever.

“You Make It Easy” – Air
I remember I picked up Moon Safari at World Music in Columbus when I was CD shopping alone.  I was looking for something new and different from all the metal and punk I was involved in.  I sampled this French band called Air and have been a fan of their work ever since.

“Where It’s At” – Beck
Whoever does not like this song in some way or sort has issues.  I only wish Beck would record material like this again. 

“(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” – Minor Threat
In my opinion they are one of the best punk bands out there to this day.  Even if I was not stright edge  when I listened to them in the past I respected them and wished I could have seen them live just once.

“Tonight, Tonight” – Smashing Pumpkins
Still one of my fav Smashing Pumpkins tracks ever.  The video alone blew me away when it was over played on MTV.  I guess I liked the classic style that was portayed.  I also liked Billy’s top hat.

Well that is all I have for now.  I should get back to work…as if there is any…

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday today!

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