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The Awesome: Japan’s Polysics

I am sitting here trying to think of something clever to say about the experimental pop act Polysics but my mind is blank.

It would be all too easy to say they are the modern day Japanese version of Devo…just look at their outfits.  Truth is they are Devo but mixed with some Daft Punk and even some of the more experimental Kraftwerk.

The Japanese new wave, electronic, punk rock act has actually been around since 1997 and started “in the spirit of Devo” according to Hyroyuki Hayashi, the band’s vocalist / guitarist.  They even wear Devo-like jump suits with the letter “P” on them.  The foursome recently released their tenth album entitled Absolute Polysics on MySpace Records (US Release).

I have only heard a sample of songs but I can tell you that they are a ton of fun and an absolute riot to listen to even if I can not understand all of their lyrics. For you people who like your music weird and of the wall, this is the band for you. To support my statement, both Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips and Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo have raved about Absolute Polysics.  That right there proves there is something special about this band.

Next month (Feb 12th) Polysics are making a stop at Musica in Akron, OH and I think it is safe to say that it will be a show not to miss.  I myself plan on being there and you should too!

Polysics – Young OH! OH!

POLYSICS | MySpace Music Videos

Snacktruck – Spacial Findings 1 – 7 – CD Review

When I see the words “snack” and “truck” the fat kid inside me usually gets excited and is ready to mow down some mobile junk food.  This time around though the words have different meaning and refer to a band’s name and not the no-so-good-for-you cuisine.   Snacktruck is a truly unique threesome from Richmond, VA consisting of a guitarist/keyboardist and two drummers.  Yes, two drummers.  (I do believe there is a guest bassist too but can not confirm that)

The band recently released Spacial Findings 1 – 7, an album that is more of a masterpiece of specifically layered sounds resulting in quite an impressive instrumental release.  With no pinned down genre the album glides through styles such as progressive, jam, thrash, and even pure rock with no hesitation what so ever in between.  The album was dropped on Rorschach Records.

If you asked me what Spacial Findings 1 – 7 sounded like I would first just say “awesome”.  Why?  Because the moment I put the CD in for a listen I was just fixed on what was hitting my ears and listened to it from start to finish with no interruptions.  The moment the CD ended I put it on for a second listen.  No joke.

When listening to “Presence Charm” I actually looked at the CD booklet to make sure that only three people formulated this song.  Heavily progressive but inclusive throughout there was no wonder why this caught my attention…it was good.

“Blooms (Horrible)” continued on with an experimental interesting piece that hooked around momentarily and ended far too soon.  I was digging the almost sci-fi soundtrack and was a little bummed when it smothered out.  “Blooms (Sweet)” stifled out just like the previous track right during a sweet guitar manipulation and that is when it hit me…  The band very well may take their songs completely into new territory when playing live so why ruin it on a studio release?  Now I want to see this band live more than ever.  I can only imagine the intensity of a live experience.

“Life Prism” was perhaps the highlight of the album for me until the following song “Blake Jones In Space” intensified the feeling.  Imagine insanity compiled into a two and a half minute song with sick drumming and technical goodness.  All I could think of is a mutant Mike Patton taking hits of 90’s grunge music heavy acid and painting a picture of the future through music.  Yes, I just said that.

“Gravi-Thorn”, the longest song on the disc, starts out ever so soft and gentle and suddenly transforms into a crazy collection of guitar and feedback with faultless drumming.  Did I mention the band has two drummers? 

Snacktruck surpassed my musical range in every way possible (that is a good thing) but I could not help but reach out and grab their insanity note for note and beat to beat because it was so alluring.  It’s without a doubt something that needs to be heard without being too much to take.  Technical music lovers and experimental intellectuals are going to love this trio of musicians.  Hell, music lovers need to give this band a chance, it’s that good.

Sound interesting?  Head over to Rorschach Record’s website to grab a copy for yourself!

Portugal. The Man – The Satanic Satanist – CD Review

Portugal. The Man is perhaps one of the extra genre jumping bands out there that I am perfectly ok with. The band that once hailed from Alaska is back with an all new album called The Satanic Satanist on their very own Approaching AIRballoons label through indie label Equal Vision Records. Full of indie rock goodness as well as other variations of music styles this album has become a favorite of mine for 2009.

The album was actually leaked on the internet in late June but it did not bother the band at all. Rather than get discouraged about the rash release they encouraged their fans to download the album but also asked that they support the band by purchasing the album when it came out if they liked it.

The joyful sounding “People Say” clearly is a call out to the poor achievements during a certain someone’s presidency. With lyrics like “What a lovely day, yeah, we won the war. May have lost a million men, but we’ve got a million more” it’s apparent there is some sarcasm directed towards a seemingly never ending war.

“Lovers In Love” was full of harmonious singing and had more of a overseas pop dance style along the likes of Jamiroquai. It’s really a pleasant jam about love and what it can make you do.

The soulful “The Sun” makes you want to pull close someone you love and sway away the night. This is one of those songs I will be putting in the next mix I create. “The Home” kept things interesting with crazy keyboards throughout this indie rock track.

“The Woods” had a funky feel to it in a good way again hinting towards something Jay Kay might have done. It’s an incredible track I really got a kick out of as was “Guns & Dogs” a song that reminded me of Oasis short the uni-brow. “Everyone Is Golden” was very evocative of a Beatles song in a good way.

Portugal. The Man has moved in so many directions since their conception it’s difficult to brand them musically and I think they feed off of that.  I can say this album is a little tamer when it comes to the band being experimental but overall is a great listen. I almost think that this is going to the album that hurls the band into the likes of mainstream candidacy.

Portugal The Man “Everyone Is Golden” Preview from Portugal The Man on Vimeo.

Portugal The Man “The Sun” Preview from Portugal The Man on Vimeo.