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Shop Radio Cast

I’ve been meaning to give some props to an online record store for a couple of weeks now.  The company I speak of is called Shop Radio Cast and I have been buying from them for a while now.

Fans of limited edition pressings and especially punk rock releases will get a kick out of this site.  They seem to always carry the stuff I can not find in my neck of the woods.  There’s nothing like just jumping online and snagging what you want right there and then without being overpriced.

I feel like I am a commercial…  Shop Cast.  Shop, Radio Cast.

Honestly, it is not just the selection, but also the great customer service.  The guys at Shop Radio Cast answer questions quickly and will resolve any problem as fast as they can.

Case and point:  I ordered the Record Store Day version of The Menzingers Chamberlain Waits in April after having no luck in Ohio finding it.  I did not open it for weeks and when I finally did this past week I discovered it was the regular black vinyl version and not the Record Store Day blue version I thought I had purchased.  I emailed the company to tell them of my disappointment thinking that I was out of luck getting the limited edition version and not even a couple hours later received a response.  It was a simple overlook, but the company made sure that I was taken care of, and guess what?  They were able to locate a Record Store Day version for me and I should have it soon.

It’s nice to have customer service like that.  I have dealt with other online records stores (whose names will remain unnamed…..for now) and either got shitty, short replies or no response at all.

So, props to you fine folk at Shop Radio Cast.  You make it easy for me to waste all of my hard earned money on my addiction also known as vinyl.  Keep up the good work!

Record collectors…  Check them out.  www.shopradiocast.com  They don’t just deal with punk rock genres but also rock and indie.  If you are turned down by the idea of vinyl, they sell CDs, clothing and even hot sauce.  Bitchin’.

UPDATE:  I feel the need to let anyone who stumbles upon this post that SRC never threw me any freebies back in 2011 when I posted this.  I was being sincere.

Over the years, I continued ordering from them but pretty much stopped after the SRC vinyl subscription series was introduced.

I felt kind of cheated out in a way with that series as I was never told I was in the top 10 until I received the first record and then realized the limited edition hand numbered pressings were just records with a cardboard sleeve over them.  I was expecting something a little more official I suppose.

Regardless, having Hum and Quicksand in my collection is pretty bad ass.

As far as SRC goes as a company, I know for a fact that they are not a big operation and there are a handful of them who run that show.  As far as ordering and customer service, I personally never had issues with them, but that was after I realized they communicated within their website to the consumer rather than a direct email.

Seeing comments still come in to this day almost bums me out for the sake of SRC, but I also know in the world of retail, stand alone store or online, you need to bust your ass and keep things running smooth.

Here’s hoping they can fix any of the problems with orders out there and reflect as the website I once referred to.