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If I’m Lucky…

…I will have internet when I return home from class tonight.

Yes, I just said class.  I decided to take a summer class to further my education and am honestly regretting it at this very moment.  Such is life.

I feel bad that I am neglecting the hell out of the site, but it is tough for me to work on reviews and whatnot away from home.  Apparently AT&T is going to be at the house today so I will keep my fingers crossed.  I have been without internet for 2 weeks now and apparently am 1 of 2 houses left to have it turned back on.

I owe this to that horrible storm that tore up my neighborhood of course.  Things are definitely back to normal in my hood, just minus some trees.

So once I get the internet back I will try and throw in some updates.  I have a few bands lined up that I plan on talking about as well as an interview in the works with a certain seasoned punk rock act.  That of course will happen after my vacation is over.

That’s right folks.  Vacation.  I am going back to the cabin for up to 10 days.  No internet, no cell phone, no nothing…except for good friends and ice cold beverages – lots of ice cold beverages.  I need an escape.

I’ll be back in a little over a week and will resume regular BHP material, I hope.  This class is going to kick my ass…

Until then enjoy some videos from a few bands I have been getting into lately…