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Persuading You To Vote w/ Free Coffee = Illegal…

So apparently it is against the law to persuade people to vote by offering them free stuff like coffee or t-shirts or even limo rides.  Starbucks found out about this quickly after launching a campaign to get everyone to vote by offering them free coffee:


Don’t worry though, Starbucks is just going to give out free coffee to all anyways.  So go out and get some free joe.

The wife and I voted this morning.  There were a lot more people in line this year around…  Should be an interesting and close called result.  We’ll see what happens.

Voting = Coffee

I am sure many of you have voted early but to those who have not Starbucks is giving away tall cups of coffee to anyone who proved they voted on November 4th.  I am sure even if you voted early you can cash in on this free deal.

I am not the one to be a political person but I do urge everyone to vote.  It’s our right to, plus you get a free cup of joe thanks to Starbucks…

Beastie Boys and special guests to play Youngstown, OH 10-29-2008

Beaste Boys ugre you to vote this year.
Beaste Boys ugre you to vote this year.

Thanks to my pal Matt (who I seem to thank a lot) I learned that the Beastie Boys are coming to Youngstown, OH on 10/29/2008 with special guests Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, and Norah Jones.

The Beastie Boys are counting on you to rock the vote this year.
The Beastie Boys are counting on you to rock the vote this year.

This is the first time the Beasties have even come close touring in Cleveland since 1998.  I saw them last year and even got to interview them at the Virgin Mobile Tour.  I have to saw they are still awesome.  My interview was not much of an interview as much as us just shooting the you know what…  I really need to post that on here one day.  Their live show was incredible.  It was my third time seeing them live.

So now I am trying to figure out if I should go…  I have so much going on late October.  Decisions decisions…  Pre-sale starts tomorrow at 10am.  Password is VOTE.  Go to their website for more info.