The Disco Biscuits To Release New Material In 2010

It’s been three years in the making but The Disco Biscuits are finally ready to release an all new album entitled Planet Anthem.  The electro-jam band seem to have changed up their sound since I last heard them and I must say I am curious to hear this release.

So far the only two songs I have heard are the recently released heavy electronic “On Time” and the rockier “You And I”.  Both songs are far from the jam band tunes I am used to but I enjoyed them both and can not wait to hear Planet Anthem.

I have always liked the Disco Biscuits ever since my pal Gary introduced them to me.  I think I was more partial to the electronic sounds over the jam but still I liked them enough to grab all of their CDs and even see them three times, twice at the Odeon (RIP) in Cleveland.  They are a band that caters to many music loving groups and their live shows are something that needs to be seen.

Check out the video below as well as the link I included for a taste of the new tracks I just mentioned.  I really think that this time around the band is going to be getting even more recognition than they have already received in their almost 15 year career as a band.

The following is from a press release I received:

Planet Anthem is the product of three fruitful years of labor, during which the Disco Biscuits absorbed everything from hip hop to pop to indie rock into their sound. The band collaborated for the first time with multiple producers, songwriters, and outside musicians, including Don Cheegro and Dirty Harry (Ludacris, Chris Brown, Beanie Sigel). While the album still bears the signature Bisco sound, it also broadens the group’s palette and contains a mountain of meaty hooks.

Now that I learned they are mixing hip hip and indie rock I am pretty certain that their new release is going to be causing some ruckus.


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