About Me

So you found my site?  Welcome.

What is Brokenheadphones.com?

Brokenheadphones.com is a blogging website I decided to create to share my love for music, photography, and other things entertainment related.

I post when I can as life has caught up with me.  I typically only share things I like these days and stay away from looking for flaws in something that someone worked hard on.

This site has nothing to do with damaged listening devices.  Additionally, I can not help you fix said damaged listening devices.

I have a very wide taste in music and dig RVIVR as much as Lucero and Wu Tang Clan.  My heart is always with punk rock / 90’s post-punk, but I would never hesitate to talk about a no-named punk band that I saw in a small, cramped basement, or how much I love The Modern Lovers.  I have been to more concerts than I can remember and plan on going to many more.

Why did I start this site?

After working at a record store for many years, I found myself taking a change in life.  I moved on from that store, took my knowledge of music, and found the right people on the internet to help me achieve a goal I have always wanted to do…review material.  Thanks to Blogcritics.Org,I got my start as a music reviewer and can not thank them enough.  After that, I worked with a now defunct 18+ alt-pinup girl site for about a year with their magazine section and have moved on since.  By no means am I a college degree journalist (I did try btw, but it just did not pan out well), but I really enjoy what I do (and to think, this is just a free time activity).

I think I owe my buddy at AddictedToVinyl.com a big thank you for helping me decide if I should or should not start a blogging website.  He also was one of the main people to get me wanting to review material and taking blogging to a whole new level.  Thanks Matt.

For a while there, I was shooting live shows.  I will attempt to compile a gallery here on the site in time.  I had some amazing times and captured some great shows.  I do not get to review the shows like I used to, but I am not going to dismiss that idea.  Maybe one of these days I will take a night to shoot something rad.

My Personal Life:

I was born the year punk rock started (or so they say)…1977.  I have always been one to express my opinion and have never been afraid to hold my tongue.  I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and have loved every minute of it.

I have always had an ear for music.  I dug into my father’s vinyl collection at a young age where I was introduced to the rock basics like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and the Beatles.  I still hold his records in my possession although I rarely listen to them.  He still has yet to officially pass them on to me.

I remember as a child teaching myself how to play the demo song on my Casio PT-10 keyboard that my parents bought for me.  I never aspired to play music although I was pretty good at the saxophone and was successful at annoying everyone in my neighborhood with my drumming abilities.  I always dreamed of fronting a punk rock band since I was not good at guitar or bass.

I like to write but I am not a writer.  I really hate writing about things using words no one in their right mind ever uses these days to describe how I feel.  There is no point in confusing others if I confuse myself on top of it.

I am married and have a son and a daughter who one day, I hope to both show this site to and have them contribute on in their own style.


So thank you for checking out my website.  I hope I can provide some entertainment to you and perhaps will be able to even open you up to something you may never have heard of before.  I can now callmyself a blogger and have a site to prove it.  If you would like to contact me, feel free to Contact Me. I am always looking for stuff to check out so don’t hesitate to reach out!