Blink 182 Might Be Back

Blink 182
Blink 182

This morning during my morning ritual of reading random blogs and just catching on on current events I found myself checking out +44‘s lead/bassist Mark Hoppus’ blog site.  The former Blink 182 member had updated it for the first time in months.  He explained where he has been, what he has been doing, and most of all reconnecting with friends from the past, more specifically Blink 182:

in the midst of everything else that has happened lately, tom, travis, and i have all spoken together. first through a number of phone calls, and then a couple of weeks ago we all hung out for a few hours. they’ve all been great, very positive conversations. we’re just reconnecting as friends after four years of not talking. it’s a good thing. obviously the first question for a lot of people will be “does this mean a blink-182 reunion?” the answer is none of us know. we haven’t talked about it at all. right now it’s just good for the three of us to see one another, reconnect, and let the past be the past. the events of the past two months supersede everything that happened before. life is too short.

Two months ago Travis Barker was involved in a terrible plane crash that left four dead.  I posted a blog about it the day after it happened as I as a fan felt terrible about what happened.  He luckily survived along with pal DJ-AM but it was still a horrific event and a real eye-opener for many.  Seeing Mark Hoppus’ blog just proved more how the crash started to make people think about life and values of friendship. 

It’s great to hear that the three members of the once power pop punk rock act are speaking.  Blink 182’s break up was just dumb in my opinion.  The guys had a good thing going and tossed it to the side for the sake of what seemed personal stardom.  Each side had their story but once Blink 182 broke up it was clear that the three were not what they used to be.  I would love to see Blink 182 reunite not for the music aspect but just to see the three together again.  The band was a group of close friends and I myself liked them more because of that. 

Whether they actually start up Blink 182 is still to be determined but at least they are hanging out again as friends.

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