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Happy New Year everyone!  2013 may have been a great year for music, but for me, it included a few too many months of solitude in the middle of nowhere.  Needless to say, I feel much better about being back in Ohio.  No hard feelings to New Mexico of course, I do miss them tacos.

Trophy Lungs - No Judgement EPAnyways, a new year brings new music and new posts from yours truly.  Last month (rather, late November), a band by the name of Trophy Lungs got in touch with me asking me to check out their 7-inch EP titled No Judgement that Death To False Hope Records dropped.  I told them I would be happy to take a listen.

2 months later, I am pleased to say I have given that EP a steady listen over the last couple months and finally thought I would take a moment out of my busy life to spread the love.

The threesome, hailing from Boston, have a fun sound to them that is more of a power pop punk approach that found myself digging a while lot.   I found myself digging the band even more when I saw the video they dropped for one of the songs on the EP (see below for that).

After watching all that bull mess on New Year’s Eve with all the crappy bands I have not heard of, it is nice to fall into a band like this.  I look forward to seeing what they dish out in 2014.

I was hoping to score me a copy of the 7-inch of No Judgement, but it looks like this blogger here waited too long and it is perhaps sold the hell out.  Oops.  I will keep searching and at least I can listen to it via the internets.

Check it out:

Check out the video the band release for their song “Dad’s Away On Business”

(nice Iron Chic shirt dude!)

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