Flying High…Literally

This little update comes from inside a Delta airplane (of course it was posted after we landed). I imagine I am currently over Georgia or Louisiana right about now. I am pleased to say I have enough leg room where I can ramble on for a minute here on the good ol’ laptop. Thank supernatural being of your choice for emergency exit seats!

After playing around with my iPod on what seemed like an endless disappointing shuffle play I have found an album I intend to listen from start to finish.

So what am I listening to?

2Pac/Makaveli – The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory – 10th Anniversary Edition

That’s right folks, I am dipping into some 90’s gangsta rap and loving every second of it. Enjoying a surplus of thug life lyricism, this album brings back some memories. Mostly of the days where all I wanted to do was listen to rap music and thump some bass in my Olds Cutlass Calais.  I was far from gangster but just loved the beats and the bass.  It was a good sound.

2Pac was brought to my attention when I started hanging out with a new crowd after a lot of my friends went to college.  Tupac Shakur just has that smooth rap flow and brilliant writing skills like no other. He was way ahead of his time in the 90’s and of course his life was cut short…  He still lives on.  There is no doubt in my mind that he is one of the most important icons in the rap music history.

So while I am stuck in the plane where I could be listening to something a little more calming, tracks like “Bonnie & Clyde” and “Live & Die In LA” have been thumping in my ears…  I still know most of the lyrics too…good times.

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