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Album Review: Mean Jeans – Jingles Collection

I don’t even know how to start out this review other than the creativity idea of Mean Jeans is off the charts with their recently released Jingles Collection.

Starting off as a joke, the punk rock band has released something unheard of – punk rock advertisement.

You’ve heard punk rock bands covering other artist’s songs for years, but when is the last time you heard a punk rock band writing a song, rather jingle, about a product?  Be it food, cigarettes, a store, or even shampoo, Mean Jeans have taken their novel idea to the extremes in hopes of grabbing the attention of multi-million dollar companies, or just getting a rise out of them.

The best part about this album is how catchy and fun the songs are.  From start to finish, there wasn’t one song on here that I did not like or pretty much memorize immediately.  Fat Wreck should really be proud of this one.

The good folk at Coors really should compensate Mean Jeans heavily for their song, “Coors Light”.  This catchy song about the light, refreshing beer is catchy as hell and all so honest.  I could really see this track being used in a commercial.  Make it happen Coors.

“Give me Totinos, a party pizza” started off the pizza and partying pairing track “Totinos”.  Stoners are going to love this song and probably run straight to the freezer upon hearing it.

Making cancer fun again was “Camel Lights”.  Should big tobacco ever be allowed to broadcast their product, this fun tune should be first in line to consider.  The kids are going to love it.

Mean Jeans singing about the caffeine citrus drink in “Mountain Dew” almost made me want to go get one and shake for the rest of my evening.

“The Footlong Song” paid tribute to the sandwich artist studios that slap meat and cheese on bread and call it a sub.

The honky-tonk, garage rocking “Skoal” was brilliant.  Loved the fact they referred to chew as a “tobacco treat” and  also declared “the heart of rock-n-roll is dipped in Skoal”.

The Misfits sound in “Polly-O String Cheese” was just amazing.  So amazing that I had to listed to it a couple of times over to fully appreciate it.

Taco Bell is stupid if they do not use “Taco Bell” in their next commercial.  That is all I have to say about that.  The same goes to the mad scientist laboratory behind the dandruff shampoo as “Selsen Blue” actually made the product sound more marketable.

Should the kangaroo cookies and chocolate dip ever make a comeback, “Dunkaroos” could really be aimed at the adults who used to munch on those snacks hardcore in the 90s.

I chuckled often while listening to the  Jingles Collection today, but also was kind of impressed at the songs.  They clearly were done in the key of humor, but some of these unsolicited songs really could be used in commercials.  Mean Jeans have single-handedly delivered the most unique album of 2018.

Here’s to hoping they release a VHS full of videos like the following:

Check out the whole album if you want.  It’s probably going to be the best 30 minutes you wasted all day:

W.T.F. Browns…

Yes, the Browns game today was total crap.  Hell, the season has pretty much been total crap and as a lifetime fan of the franchise, sometimes it is just so hard to be a Browns fan.  Regardless, I am in it for life.  I would not have it any other way.

Don’t worry, my site is not turning into a sports page or anything, I do, however, want to share a fun hoodie my pal Nick from Flagrant-T came up with.  It is simple, to the point, and aimed at all you frustrated Browns fans out there:

I have already rocked mine last week when coming home from my trip to Austin and a whole slew of people got a kick out of it.  With today’s loss, it is safe to say I will be wearing this tomorrow to work.

$20 and it is yours (use the code TAILGATE today for 10% off your order).  Head over to and grab one for yourself today!  While you are at it, check out the “I Shaved My Balls For This?” shirt I actually sported during day three of Fun Fun Fun Fest.  Needless to say, everyone loved it.

Turn Your Laptop Into An iPad Easily

TechCrunch shows you how to take your laptop and turn it into an iPad with an easy to follow video.

This was too funny not to share…

I love April Fools.

Some other worthy pranks I came across:

Starbucks has announced new sizes of drinks… Plenta™ (128 fl oz) and Micra™ (2 fl oz) cups are to arrive in Starbucks stores this Fall.

Speaking of the iPad, announced today that the iPad was a joke.

Then there is the iPhone to iPad converter: supposedly is selling the iCade for your iPad:

Kodak introduces Aromatography – As a shutterbug I got a huge laugh out of this.  To find out more about how Kodak came up with Neuro-Optic-Nasal-Sense Imaging CLICK HERE. is now  Apparently the lil crap bought the hilarious website.  I wish I could embed the video of Justin Bieber on there.  Totally worth checking out. apparently also has Unicorn Meat for sale today.

Excellent source of sparkles!
Excellent source of sparkles!

 Windows 3.1 – The Future Of Computing (according to

Google announded that there will be Google Wave wave notifications for Google Wave.  Google claims they will sent a human to you to let you know when there is a new Wave in your inbox.

Google has also replaced their famous logo with “Topeka”, a nod to Kansas’s capitol who temporarily renamed itself Google, Kansas. Google explained the prank in detail on their blog.

YouTube claims you can watch your videos in text.  Just click on the video below to be redirected to YouTube (since it is not working here) and then change the mode to TEXTp to see what this is all about…


YouTube claims:

By using text-only mode, you are saving YouTube $1 a second in bandwidth costs. is going a Choose Your Own Adventure Woot.  Hilarious.  I am thinking of partaking in this as it might be a way to score something awesome.  Woot is known to be creative…

I am sure more will pour in throughout the day but this is all I have time for. 

If you come across anything worthy, let us know and throw it in a comment below!

Kevin Smith Bringing The SMod(cast) To Cleveland

Looks like April 27th is going to be an interesting day in Cleveland thanks to Kevin Smith.  The filmmaker / actor is bringing his SModcast to Peabody’s for two shows in one evening.

So what is a SModcast you ask?  It’s a podcast featuring Kevin Smith and his long time friend Scott Mosier.  Normally the pair records the show on Sunday nights or Monday mornings where fans can later download them via iTunes or a RSS feed.  This time though they decided to take it on the road and make it a little more personable with their fans.

Tickets are $24 a pop for seats and standing room.  Not sure how this will go down but I can tell you that it is going to be hilarious.

The Flatliners Talk About Their New Album

On April 13th Canadian punk rock act The Flatliners will be releasing their all new album entitled Cavalcade on Fat Wreck Chords.

The band had actually thought of a different album title in mind initially and recently talked about it on Fat Wreck Chords’ website:

When we were on tour last March, we met Joey from Full House (aka Dave Coulier) in a bar in Cleveland. I drunkenly slipped him a copy of ‘The Great Awake’ and we began talking about music and Canada. He turned out to be a pretty cool dude, other than ironically wearing a Betty Ford Clinic shirt while drinking red wine. Anyways, after Uncle Joey left the bar that night, the jokes began that we would name our new record ‘Dave Coulier Has Our Last Record.’ Once we sobered up in the morning and realized that was an awful idea, we decided to name our new album ‘CAVALCADE’. And we are beyond stoked to announce that it will be coming out this April on FatWreck of course.

Since every record is vaguely conceptual even if you’re not going for the painful uber-concept-record thing like Coheed and Cambria, and since we basically live like homeless people while we’re on tour most of each year, ‘Cavalcade’ has taken on the overall theme of unity through disconnectedness. Happiness in uncertain times. Humanity is flawed but we can all still party, right? That’s what we wrote about, and that’s how we live. We love what we do an couldn’t be happier with the way it has all turned out.

Two things about this… 

  • 1.)  Why did they not keep the name? 
  • 2.)  I missed The Flatliners AND Dave Coulier in Cleveland????  Where was I?

Couple videos for you all…