Kid Koala Presents The Slew: LIVE

Kid Koala in my opinion is one of the most amazing vinyl manipulators out there.  His ability of scratching vinyl is more of an art form at times especially when he lifts the needle from one groove on a record and drops it to the exact location of the next without missing a beat.

I have been a huge fan of him since I was first introduced to him on his debut Carpel Tunnel Sundrome on Ninja Tune.  I loved the experimental feel and the constant scratching that was more of an instrument to the album over just your typical beat interjections. 

I have been a fan of scratching for as long as I can remember.  Thanks to acts like Praxis as well as RUN DMC I was fond of the style.  I used to take my old records and try to emulate them on my Fisher Price record player.  Sadly I never acheived the sound.

Recently I learned that the DJ is back with an all new project titled The Slew Tour.  The tour is rather a score for a film turned into live set featuring Dynomite D as well as the former rhythm section of Wolfmother.  The film was actually scrapped while Kid Koala was working on it but thanks to interest from the Austrailian rockers and Kid Koala’s determination the score was turned into a traveling show. 

Armed with six turntables Kid Koala and master mixer Dynomite D will be taking stage with Chris Ross and Myles Heskett of Wolfmother.  This is going to be one of those performances not to miss.

Of course the tour is skipping Cleveland.  Every opportunity I have ever had to see Kid Koala live has failed.  Years ago he came to nearby club in Oberlin with his jam band project Bullfrog.  For reasons unknown I did not go and I regret it.

Let me give you a hint of how much I dig Kid Koala.  Two of my tattoos are Kid Koala inspired.  Actually they were taken from his graphic novel Nufonia Must Fall.

I hope one day to see Kid Koala live.  His turntable abilites blow me away while listening, I can only imaging what would happen if I were to see it with my eyes.  Oh well, there is always next time

Info about The Slew from an email I received from the fine people of Terrorbird Media:

A couple of years back Eric San (aka Kid Koala) and Dylan J. Frombach (aka Dynomite D) were approached to soundtrack a new documentary feature film that was in production. Koala was already well known for his uncanny turntable manipulation, whilst Dylan had remixed Money Mark and collaborated with the Beastie Boys, amongst others. The duo worked for a long time on the psych rock-influenced score, only for the filming to collapse and any release to be canned. Although the film may never see the light of day, its music is about to be brought to life on stage.

Recently Koala & Dylan met the former rhythm section of Grammy Award-winning Australian rock band Wolfmother and began telling them all about the film and its lost music. Chris Ross and Myles Heskett loved the clips and urged that the material had to be heard; subsequently Kid Koala and the guys decided to put a show on the road.

After intensive rehearsals the show is now ready to go. Featuring drums, bass/keys and the DJs working across a truly excessive six turntables, the set is seventy minutes of raw guitar cuts and heavy beats. We can guarantee that you will never have heard anything quite like this and also that you are unlikely to again. It’s a one-off tour, so when it stops in your town you’ll either be there or will have missed it forever.

Anyone who has seen previous Kid Koala events will not be disappointed – from Kid Koala’s incendiary solo turntable spectaculars to the Nufonia book launch, Deltron 3030 live to the Short Attention Span Theater.

Brash, loud and defiantly turned up to eleven. The Slew Tour is coming to your town. Don’t miss it.


WED 9/23

THUR 9/24

FRI 9/25

SUN 9/27
Key Club

WED 9/30
Music Hall Of Williamsburg

THUR 10/1
Great Scott

FRI 10/2
La Tulipe

SAT 10/3
Lee’s Palace

SUN 10/4

Here are a couple MP3’s from the tour only album 100% for your listening enjoyment:

DOWNLOAD THIS! – Kid Koala – “It’s All Over”
DOWNLOAD THIS! – Kid Koala – “You Turn Me Cold”

Kid Koala in action:

Neat video for “Fender Bender” found on Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:

Speaking of Bullfrog:

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