My 2010 SXSW Promise.

This is a promise that this time next year I will be in Austin, TX engaging in some 2010 SXSW action.  I will skip all other festivals next year to ensure this happens.

I am missing out on so many good shows this week it makes me want to cry.  Punk rock, hip hop, metal, country… 

Just check out the SXSW schedule.  There is enough live music to last me for the whole year.

Aside from the live music there will be film and other interactive entertainment not to mention a handful of awesome friends who live there.  For more info check out the SXSW official website.

So yes, 2010 will be a SXSW year.  Who is joining me?  Anyone going this year?  I’d love to hear about your experiences.

To all the awesome record labels and marketing companies I deal with thank you so much for the many invites.  I promise you I will take you up on those offers next year.

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