Ohh Kanye

Looks like someone had a temper tantrum that they should have held in…

Kanye West and his road manager assulted a TMZ photographer and smashed his camera at the LA International Airport today…

I do not care who you are, you do not smash a $10000 plus camera on the ground.  What a jerk.

“Ain’t no police, ya’ll shut up” – wise words spoken by Kanye.

Kanye (in the gray hoodie) was arrested as well as his partner in crime/body guard/road manager, Don Crowley (in the red jacket).  Crowly did most of the damage as you can see in the video by slamming a very expensive camera and lens (you could hear it shatter) and Kanye slammed a flash/light source on the ground.  Even though Crowly was the one who slammed the camera the both were charged with vandalism and were being held on a $20,000 bond.  Crowley then lost it even more when he found out the whole incident was videotaped and tried to rip the camera out of the hands of the owner.  The whole ordeal was over Kanye and Crowley demanding that no one was allowed to photograph them outside the airport.

They both were released from jail later in the day after paying bond.

I’ll tell you what, if someone grabbed my camera and slammed it to the ground I would come out swinging.  I do not care who you are, how much money you make, or what kind of lifestyle you live….you do not destroy other people’s property.

Why do some music stars have to think they are better than everyone?  We breath the same air, you just lucked out with your musical abilities.  So people want to take pictures of you and film you.  They do it because you are popular and because they like you.  If you can not handle the pressure, step down.  You make money because of your fans and companies that showcase you for the fans.  Kayne West, you dropped a few notches down in my book…spazbite.

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