Rancid – “Last One To Die” MP3 Released!

I just downloaded “Last One To Die”, Rancid‘s latest release from their upcoming Let The Dominoes Fall.  You should too:

Hellcat Records

Made By Squad

Normally I would just include a link to download the MP3 but that has not been made available to me yet so just enter your email address and they will send you a link for a download of the song.  That is all you have to do, I promise.

I am pretty sure you will dig the song as much as I have too if you are a Rancid fan.  The song is catchy and maintains the Rancid standard, meaning it will not shock you and it keeps with the sound you expect to come from Tim Armstrong and crew.

It’s been over 5 years since Rancid pushed out an album.  Good things come with time and I am honestly glad they were not putting together a mess of a release just so they could offer something for their fans.  I have high expectations from this CD.  I also have a feeling that this is NOT going to be their last effort.  Some people are thinking it might be time for these punk rockers to hang up their guitars and take a seat but I really have the feeling that these guys are going to be cranking out material for years to come.

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