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Fountains Of Wayne DVD Contest Winners

Thanks to all who participated in the contest.  As per a previous blog I had copies of the new Fountains Of Wayne live DVD for a giveaway of sorts thanks to my friends at The Syndicate, three to be exact.  I chose three winners this morning based upon their random pet peeves.

Here are the winners:

(((RAD)))am – “i hate it when someone is pissing me off while i’m driving and when i go to give them ” the bird” i’m wearing a mitten”

Chekdemon – “I also can’t stand Tanorexics those over tanning salon fake tanner look like an umpa -loompa”

Jeremy – “I hate when people make their pets wear clothes”

Winners have been notified by email.

Thanks for all who checked it out.  Look for more contests in the future!!!

Download This! – O Pioneers!!! – Neon Creeps

Ok punk rock fans here is something that should make your week.  Houston’s O Pioneers!!! and Quote UnQuote Records are offering a free download of Neon Creeps.  The CD released on Feb 10th will be released by Asian Man Records and the vinyl love will be handled by Kiss of Death Records.  There will also be a limited run on CD in Australia with an alternate cover released by Poison City Records. If you like bands like Smoke Or Fire, Against Me!, and Hot Water Music I am thinking you are going to love these guys.

Don’t wait too long as I am not sure how long this album will be available for free.  That’s right, the whole album is yours for the free and legal downloading…

-Download This! O Pioneers – Neon Creeps

 O Pioneers!!! will be supporting their new album with a string of tour dates ending with an appearance at Harvest of Hope Fest March 6-8th in St. Augustine, Florida.  (See below for dates)

O Pioneers!!! most recently released a split 7” for Suburban Home Records with Mike Park as well as splits with Bomb the Music Industry, The Measure (SA), The Anchor, and Saw Wheel.

So why is it being released for free you ask???

Quote Unquote Records is a newer record label with a twist.  Their goal is to put out good music and help their artists be heard.  The label is a donation-based label that realizes that with CD sales down that a different approach is needed.  The label will offer free downloads on albums from bands signed to them in hopes that the fans will like what they hear and donate something, anything.  The label also hopes the fan will in turn see the band live one day and pick up the CD or merch during a show.

It is a different approach?  Will it work?  Well I think it has potential.


2/21 – Atkins, AK @ The Goodbye
2/22 – Louiseville, KY @ Skull Alley
2/23 – Cincinatti, OH @ Blue Rock Tavern
2/24 – Cleveland, OH @ The Soggy Dog House
2/25 – Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
2/26 – Syracuse, NY @ Half Penny Pub
2/27 – Boston, MA @ Fort F@ck Awesome
2/28 – New London, CT @ Eclectic Wear
3/1 – Brooklyn, NY @ Lost and Found
3/2 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Titan House
3/3 – Baltimore, MD @ Golden West Café
3/4 – Richmond, VA @ The Czar
3/5 – Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot
3/6-8 – St. Augustine, FL @ Harvest of Hope Fest
3/18- San Antonio, TX @ Rock Bottom

Persuading You To Vote w/ Free Coffee = Illegal…

So apparently it is against the law to persuade people to vote by offering them free stuff like coffee or t-shirts or even limo rides.  Starbucks found out about this quickly after launching a campaign to get everyone to vote by offering them free coffee:


Don’t worry though, Starbucks is just going to give out free coffee to all anyways.  So go out and get some free joe.

The wife and I voted this morning.  There were a lot more people in line this year around…  Should be an interesting and close called result.  We’ll see what happens.