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Of Us Giants Call It Quits

In January, I had the pleasure of reviewing an amazing release by an up and coming band called Of Us Giants.

Of Us Giants - Nova Scotia

My last paragraph in that review stated:

I would not be surprised if this band was taking over stages in the near future playing to sold out crowds. This is an impressive release that I can see all sorts of music lovers getting into.  Don’t sit on Of Us Giants like I did, it is too good to pass up.

I really had high expectations with this band, but sadly over the weekend, they called it quits.

I get it.  Indifferences happen, but man, this band barely took off and their debut release Nova Scotia is still in heavy rotation.

OUG really impressed me with their DIY approach and truly were excited with all that was going on.  I really could feel their excitement and was hoping their would have made it to Cleveland one day.

Even after USPS lost a bunch of their vinyl (almost $600 worth), the band fought hard to regain their losses and successfully were able to raise money thanks to their amazing fans.

Clearly something happened though forcing them to part ways before more people were able to get into them.

Here’s what the band had to say on their Facebook page:

This is really difficult to write, but here it goes… we are very sorry to announce that we have decided to call it quits as a band due to personal issues. Unfortunately, that means we are dropping off the Captives / Keyes tour. We also were planning a 7″ split with Captives to be released later this year. We are not sure if anybody would still be interested in hearing those songs, but we may still record them… maybe not… it’s up in the air right now.

We want to take the time to say THANK YOU to all of you for caring about this band over the past few years. We are forever grateful for all of your love and support. We would be nothing without all of you. Our music is free atwww.ofusgiants.com and you can pick up any of our leftover merch at www.ronaldrecords.com. All orders are shipping soon. We also want to thank all of the record labels that have taken a chance on our music and have released it for us: Songs From The Road Records / Driftwood Records / Fly the Light Records / Close To Home Records / Little League Records / Mutt Tapes.

Last but not least, thank you to everybody that has been a member of the band over the past few years. We have had the privilege of working with some amazing people/musicians.

Goodbye… for now.

We love all of you,
Dustin and Jon

Good luck guys.  I still blame USPS for this break-up…

Album Review: Of Us Giants – Nova Scotia

Of Us Giants - Nova ScotiaA few weeks ago, a good pal of mine sent a text message telling me to check out a band he was digging on called Of Us Giants.  He immediately said they reminded him of Manchester Orchestra.

Seeing how I respect all my friend’s music decisions, there was no doubt in my mind that his suggestion was going to at least be worth a listen, but for some reason I held off on doing so.

Recently, Jon Jennings, the bassist for Of Us Giants, emailed me suggesting I check out his band’s upcoming release Nova Scotia. I was immediately reminded of my pal’s suggestion and decided I needed to stop dragging my feet and take a listen. I am glad I did, because by the second song in, I was looking where to place a pre-order for the vinyl release.

Of Us Giants, hailing from California, is a three piece indie rock act that is certainly going to be getting some major attention in 2014 with their upcoming first full-length release titled Nova Scotia.  I don’t say this just for the sake of saying it of course.  I was very impressed with what I heard and can only hope that I am right.

At first listen, Of Us Giants carried a certain Brand New-like feel, well kind of. I am sure they have heard that a million times already. Truth is, they also had a great unique sound to them with the lead vocalist carrying a singing style that, to me, teeter-tottered between indie, emo and even some prog rock that I just found myself digging.

There really are all kinds of styles intermixed throughout when I listened to their release.  I was reminded of  Bright Eyes to Seahaven at times and I would be lying if I did not say I even heard a little Coheed & Cambria (sans the complex sci-fi story) as well as The Early November and Taking Back Sunday. Needless to say, there are plenty of likable qualities throughout this record that just kept me captivated.

“Sycamore Tomb” was a solid track that I feel has plenty of on-air playable qualities with lead vocalist Dustin Andrews giving it his all. Add additional harmonies by Jon Jennings, and suddenly the song was trapped in my mind for hours after my first listen.

One of the songs that threw me off a little was “Iron Boat” featuring Lindsey Pavao, a former Voice contestant whom I have never heard of before (that’s the competition with Cee-Lo and the spinning chairs that look like they belong in the Knight Rider car, right?).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the song completely or Ms. Pavao, but I just didn’t feel that the track fit in with the rest. Not sure whose decision it was to add this happy-sounding track in the midst of a more emo-heavy album, but it is what it is I suppose. I will admit that the second and third listens were better than my first taste of this track though.

“Take It Home” started off with a Nirvana sound that of got me all nostalgic for an Unplugged session. I loved this track from start to finish and that may have something to do with the guitar styles reaching back to 90s alt-rock styles only to change it up to a heavier riff.

In “Dying”, Andrews sang a convincing “all I really know is I’m sorry, I’m sorry” multiple times in this somber track that picked things up halfway through.  I loved the spoken word at the end of this track, and honestly, feel that it made an even heavier lasting impression.

Staring off like an upbeat track, “All Of My Daughters” turned into more of a gloomy song about a father admitting his absence from the lives of his offspring. The song just kept building up and peaked just perfectly.

The album-titled track “Nova Scotia,” once again featuring Ms. Pavao singing along side Andrews, just did not do it for me. Pavao has a great voice and all, but as hard as I tried, I just didn’t care for this duet. Sadly, this was the last track on the album and I had no choice but to start over as I longed for more.

I would not be surprised if this band was taking over stages in the near future playing to sold out crowds. This is an impressive release that I can see all sorts of music lovers getting into.  Don’t sit on Of Us Giants like I did, it is too good to pass up.

If you are so inclined to pre-order the new release, head over to one of the following sites:
http://flythelight.storenvy.com/ –