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RIP Mikey Herrera (The Blackout Pact, Tin Horn Prayer, SleeperHorse)

I am a little late to talk on this, but I still felt it necessary to post something.  As many of you know, Mikey Herrera passed away last week.

Although I did not know him personally, some of my pals did and one of them even played in SleeperHorse with him.  I have always appreciated what Mikey did and was really bummed to see the bad news.


Mikey’s Facebook page has flooded with comments, memories, and photos showcasing the love that surrounded him.  I found myself spending some time on there the other night just looking through endless posts of love and support.

As this website is dedicated to sharing music that I like, I wanted to post material from some of the bands Mikey was in to pay my respects to him and anyone who ever knew him.

RIP Mikey.