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Album Review: Thursday – No Devolución

I remember the first time I heard the one time post-hardcore/screamo outfit Thursday.  They were of a genre of music I swore I would never get into, but there was something about them I really was attracted to.  Over the years I have watched them mature into phenomenal musicians and it’s no surprise that they decided to try something differently on their sixth studio release.

No Devolución is perhaps the band’s most involved album to date.  It is not like any of their previous material and at times and really feels like a well put together work of genius.  Geoff Rickly still does wonders with his signing ability while the rest of the band seems to have really mellowed out this round.  This is the bands second release under Epitaph Records.

“Fast To The End”, a catchy rock jam, opened up the album.  Rickly and crew seemed to keep to that known Thursday sound intact with some screaming thrown in around.   

“No Answers” without a doubt was my choice track thanks to the catchy synths that easily could be compared to MGMT.  The song flowed so well throughout with very poignant lyrics talking of relations with Rickly singing “No answers, no answers when you’re around” at the end of the track.  Sad track, but beyond amazing to listen to.

The piano playing throughout “Sparks Against The Sun” made for a nice, gentle feel throughout.  The song itself was easy on the ears with the synths and distorted bass lines backing calm singing. 

“Open Quotes” on the other hand had a more aggressive approach.  Hinting back at some of older Thursday material, the track had a couple shouts and screams and a little added distorted guitar playing, but overall really could have been a tougher track.  It just seemed to dissolve by the end.

Starting slow was “Past And Future Ruins”, a killer track with heavy Muse matching guitar riffs as well as xylophone both over a steady floor tom beat.  Rickly had no problem showcasing his vocal ability throughout and even tosses it in a distorted mess a couple of times giving for a very loathing tone.

“Empty Glass” was a sad, sad song.  Although beautifully put together, the track was gloomy as hell and easily could bring the happiest person down to a whimpering lull.  The electronic driven music along the pitch-shifting singing was haunting yet almost comforting to listen to.

“A Gun In The First Act” was a darker sounding track with very NIN simular synthesizers in the background.  The more I listened to it, the more I heard NIN’s version of “Dead Souls” originally performed by Joy Division in it.  Overall the track was amazing and was one of my favorite cuts off the album.

“Turnpike Divides” brought the energy back with a old school Thursday feel to it.  The track is a no-place-like-home tribute to good ol’ New Jersey.  I loved the Bruce Springsteen reference, “it’s hard to sleep when you’re born to run.”  This was another song I enjoyed a lot and just stood out over all the other tracks.

Putting an end to the masterpiece called No Devolución was “Stay True”, a motivational track aimed at just about anyone who wants to give it a listen.  The Rollins-esque lyrics were quite stern yet compelling to follow along to.  Aimed at a novice in life, this song has the ability to shed guidance on those who are looking for answers.  Sometimes all it takes is a song for someone to guide them in the right direction.

No Devolución has made me a bigger Thursday fan.  Over the years, my music taste tends to change and I find myself getting discouraged sometimes are bands who never challenge themselves.  Sometimes the outcome is a disaster, but I have to hand it to Thursday, they put together an outstanding release without forgetting who they once were, and still are.

Thursday will be coming back to Cleveland on 7/23 during their tour with Taking Back Sunday at the House Of Blues.  Tickets are $27.50 and are on sale now.

The Blue Channel

The title of this post is a Taking Back Sunday song.  I was feeling unoriginal and decided to title the post I would write this morning with the song that was currently playing on my iTunes.

This post has nothing to do with Taking Back Sunday.  Sorry.

I’ve been lacking in the updating mostly due to work and working as much OT as possible so I can share gifts with loved ones on the J-Day.  So far I got some interesting gifts for my family and friends.  I like to keep it unique.  I also do not wrap gifts in wrapping presents.  Call it me being green, I am ok with that.  I think it is an absolute waste to wrap gifts with pretty paper and bows and ribbons only to have them ripped open and thrown in the trash.  You might as well tape some dollars on the package so they can rip those up as well.

Speaking of gifts, DHL.  Lame DHL told me that they did deliver the package to my house but the driver could not tell me what color my house was…  Even if the company is going out of business you would think they would still try and stand behind their promise.

Regardless, the package is being shipped out once again to me; this time via UPS.  Let’s see what happens.

My awesome, wonderful, amazing wife gave me a J-Day present early this year…a trip to the tattoo parlor.  What better way to say “I love you” than a tattoo?

I finally got script of a line from a song I have loved since the day I heard it.  I have been talking about getting script of some sort on my collarbone and Annie told me that the tattoo would in fact be that.  So I am now the proud owner of a new, yet sore, tattoo.

I am sure you are wondering what it says…  I am sure you want to maybe see a picture of it?

Well I can tell you what it says but no pics yet as there is saran wrap taped over it for the day, plus it is rather difficult to take a picture of yourself.  One might think I could take a MySpace pic of myself in the mirror but I have more class than that.

The lyris is from Radiohead‘s “Karma Police”.  It says “For A Minute I Lost Myself”.  That lyric has stuck with me for years and it describes my lost life from asge 23 till about 27 where all I did was work, drink, and waste.  I have since changed then but to me the lyric suits those 5 years perfectly.

So does anyone out there have any band related tattoos?  I actually have a couple.  The new one actually being my secons Radiohead tattoo.  I also have 2 Misfits tattoos and Ol’ Dirty Bastard in a cupcake if that counts…  I also have my shins tattooed from a comic written by DJ Kid Koala.  Damn, I am unoriginal.  Ha.

I suppose I will get some pictures of them up here one day when I have some time.

Until then, here is something that cracks me up.  Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!  Go Browns???  Hmmm…  Not getting my hopes up.

Just in case you have no idea who Kid Koala is…