The Suck: Bone Thugs N’ Harmony Concert Cut Short Thanks To A Visit From The Police

The Police @ The House Of Blues (no, not that Police)
The Police @ The House Of Blues (no, not that Police)

Now I was not at the House of Blues last night to see Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony(BTNH) play to a sold out crowd but rest assured if I was, I would not be thinking too highly on what happened that essentally put a halt to the show.

According to, Cleveland Police came into the venue and arrested Flesh-N-Bone who had 2 outstanding warrents. 

Flesh-N-Bone had not been to Cleveland in over 10 years.  Some homecoming he had…  This was to be a reunion show for the band and the fans.

Why am I posting this?  Well because I am a fan of BTNH.  I got to see them years ago at the Odeon and had a blast.  I’m also not a fan of concerts being shut down or ending early.  I guess I feel bad for all the folk who payed good money last night to see the 90’s Cleveland rap sensations only to have to be shunt a performance thanks to the manor the arrest was handled.

According to Cleveland.Com, 50 Cleveland police officers and Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s deputies entered the venue to make the arrest around midnight.

50 officers & deputies to take in one man?  Seriously?  I get that the venue was sold out at the 1000+ capacity venue but why do it in the middle of the show?  I really think there could have been a better way to have handled this.

Flesh-N-Bone obviously has been having his own problems but why exactly did the arrest have to go down at midnight?  Oh wait, it gets even better…

This comes from ClevelandLeader.Com:

Police say that Howse [Flesh-N-Bone] recognized that deputies were watching him while he was on stage, and then called the crowd up on to the stage. He then attempted to make an exit off the side under cover. Unfortunately, that tactic did not work. Howse was restrained by a deputy while other deputies and Cleveland police assisted.

Somehow I am not buying that… Oh well.  I hope things work out for him and I hope the fans at least got to enjoy the hour and a half that BTNH did get to play before the cops shut it down.  There were no injuries reported and no riots started so that proves that the Cleveland fans can keep their cool during a really ridiculous situation.

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