3rd Shift Is For Zombies…

I seriously feel like I drank an entire keg of beer.  My eyes are swollen, my throat is dry, and I just do not feel like doing anything today.  Before you assume that I was out late last night partying it up you should know that I have just surpassed the one year mark of not drinking alcohol. So what was I doing last night and into the early morning then and why do I feel like this you ask?

I was working.

Yup, I strangely volunteered to work third shift at my job to help out since some folk were on vacation.  I am still asking myself why I did that.  Working 8pm till 6am on a Friday and Saturday night is not desirable by any means.  It was long, boring, and OVER.  I am not thinking that I want to be doing that anytime soon.

It’s not just the shift.  It also my sleeping pattern to catch up for that lost sleep.  I usually sleep from midnight till 6:30am on a good night.  I am an early riser.  So when I get home just 15 minutes before I am usually waking up it puts a toll on my body.  I was only able to get 4 hours of sleep the last two days.  Thankfully tomorrow I am back to my regular shift.

I am almost pissed I did it too now because as I sit here typing this my great pal Matt is meeting up with Kelly and Jose from Sensory Overload to check out a movie downtown about 107.9 The End at the Cleveland Film Festival.  I am simply too exhausted to drive out there and fear I might just fall asleep during the film.  I really wanted to go too not just to see the flick but to hang out with my fellow blogging homies.  Sorry guys / gal.  Next time.  Promise.

So today I will be returning to my blogging tendencies.  Earler this weekend I lost some of my posts due to a foolish mistake while trying to update my WordPress.  It was partially my fault as I did not back up my files before performing the update.  Needless to say, it screwed up, and I lost a week’s worth of posts.

The good news is after I posted angry blog, I went into my computer room and miraciously the web browser was displaying my homepage with the content on it that I lost.  After a quick copy & paste I was able to retrieve my lost post.  Sweet.

I am now debating what I should be doing now.  Some of me needs to rest a little and some of me wants to dig into the stack of CDs I need to review.  I have the new Strung Out, Bang Camero, and some really awesome Suburban Home releases jut to mention a couple.

Now that I am all hyped up I think I will just turn on the TV and see what is good…

Oh and here is a video:

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