A Message From Claudio Sanchez

Coheed & Cambria mastermind Claudio Sanchez is not all about the music you know…  Evil Ink Comics is a company Sanchez created for his comic books that stream along with the sci-fi albums many have loved, ahem, obsessed over for the last few years…

Obsessed is such a meek word to me when talking about this sci-fi genus…worshiped sounds much better.  I am a Co&Ca freak and love everything Sanchez has ever done and look forward to everything else he comes up with.  I am super excited about all the upcoming projects and releases he is partaking in but it is not fair for me to discuss…

Claudio had a message for his people that he shared on various sites and now I am sharing it with you…

Hello everyone,..

With the debut of Kill Audio this week, a new Coheed album in the works, PFI (Prize Fighter Inferno) slowly brewing and the end of the year quickly approaching, I wanted to take a second to address Evil Inks other running projects and things you have been asking about.

The second TAW Trade will be coming out in December through Image comics. We wanted to get it out for you guys sooner, but it seems the comic world has it’s own calendar sometimes. Nevertheless, there will be some cool extras in it that we will start to unveil when we get a little closer to release. Also, keep in mind that the birth of Kill Audio does not mean for a second that The Amory Wars saga has been shelved or forgotten. In fact, I’ve been hard at work on a brand new TAW project for almost a year. All we can say now is it’s going to be unlike anything Evil Ink has done yet and we think you’ll be as excited as I am about it. We’ll give you more info around Christmas time.

For the time being, I hope you enjoy Kill Audio when he arrives at your local comic shop tomorrow and let his little troll ass and gang of degenerates into your hearts. I think you’ll find the story will keep you on your toes and keep an eye out for Mr. Sheldon’s Coheed and TAW easter eggs scattered throughout. There will plenty of catching up with your friendly Amory Wars characters in December and much more to come.

Over and Out-Claudio

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