A Whole Lotta F’s (Fun Fun Fun Fest)

Reason 576 why Austin, TX is a cool city… Fun Fun Fun Fest. I am jealous I was not there. Really jealous…  Seriously look at this line up!

I’ve been to festivals that had good line ups in my time but it seems as if Fun Fun Fun Fest takes the cake.  They have some special means of attracting some of the more obscure bands for a weekend of awesome and I only wish something like this could happen in my area.

I took a few moments tonight to look for some fan shot footage.  Here is what I found:

Face To Face was there. They told everyone they were back…

The Jesus Lizard proved that age does not matter…and that chubby is sexy (to some)…

Then there was the Pharcyde

Danzig.  Need I say more???

Then there was Yeasayer

All of the previous bands I would have loved to have seen but nothing would have made me happier than seeing the Gorilla Biscuits live…

Yeah, I am jealous.  I know there was a ton more awesome shows there but I need to stop watching online videos before I sink into a musical depression.

Maybe next year I will hit up Fun Fun Fun Fest.  Just maybe.

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