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New NativesOne of the best things about attempting to run my own blog is the amazing humans I am introduced to because of it.

Years ago, I posted a review for an album called Restless Rubes.  Within days, the band reached out to me with a sincere thank you for my kind words.

I soon befriended the now disbanded Ninja Gun and even was able to house them for a couple of nights in the middle of one of their tours.  Without going into too much detail, I can tell you that all four members were  quality individuals and we’ve kept in touch ever since.

As I was a huge fan of the Valdosta, GA act, it was no surprise to anyone that I was bummed out when Ninja Gun said announced they were calling it quits in 2010.  How couldn’t I?  I loved everything that band ever had to offer and also was fully away just how bad ass each of the members of the bad were.  I was just stoked to have gotten to know them.

Jeff Haineault, Ninja Gun’s former drummer, got in touch with me recently to let me know that his new band, New Natives, were going to be releasing an album.  I was beyond stoked to listen to what he and his new band had created.

New Natives can best be described as a chill indie pop rock act with a hint of a small town vibe.  Members not only include Haineault on guitar and vocals, but also Taylor Patterson on drums, Jackson Dean on guitar, and Joe Martin on bass.

New NativesTheir self-titled debut started with the fun track “Gets Around”.  a song clearly about fun loving times.  The song really perked my attention with their upbeat indie rock style.  Had this song come out in the 90s, it probably would have been featured on the Empire Records soundtrack.  I am sure that just made no sense at all, but for whatever reason, I thought about that movie while listening to this track.

“Too Far” was an instant hit to my ears.  This radio-friendly song would be perfect to include in any road trip mix or even would be perfect to listen to at a summer shindig.

“Broke Your Heart” had Haineault resembling the singing style of Gregg Alexander at times and I loved it.  I am sure it is no shocker to many of you out there, but I was a HUGE New Radicals fan.  Guilty pleasure folks.  Don’t judge.

“Hopes and Dreams” really carried that Ninja Gun style I was hoping to hear from Haineault.  This was a definite laid back jam full of plenty of ohhs and ahhs.

Continuing was the farmland indie rock, was “Lonely Eyes”.   This song was all over the place and I loved it.  I thought from the start the song would be a country love track, but soon it morphed into an indie jam all about moving on.

Ending the album was “Take You With Me”, another track where I could not help but think of Alexander as Haineault sang.  I liked how the piano hid in the background of the song, it just added just enough extra support to an already well-written song.

This really was a refreshing album to listen to from beginning to end.  New Natives have the ability to take over college stations all over the place with their unique blend of indie and small town rock.  Original and catchy, this album is well worth the listen.

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