And I Am Back…

I know you all missed me and were all wondering when I would finally post something on here for you all to read. I received endless emails from people asking me if I was ok and if they could donate money so that I could acquire internet while in upstate New York just so I could post something. I had record hits on my site while away mostly because Matt from Addicted To Vinyl put on that benefit show for me the other night. I am sorry I was unable to Skype during the show…

OK, none of that happened…

I did hear from some of you awesome people most of which wished me a nice vacation. Thanks! It was nice to hear from you all while I was almost by Canada for the last six days.

My wife and I headed to Adams, NY last Friday to visit her grandmother. I love going up there because it means I just relax and eat poorly. Sometimes I am able to steal some wireless internet from a nearby school but this time I just could not connect. I was actually nice to not have internet on my laptop but I will admit checking emails and Tweets on my iPhone…after all that is why I have that thing!

I’ll be back to my regular blogging self here by tonight. I have a lot to talk about.

For now I will just leave you with the following fun things that happened to me while on my little vacation:

-Scored some LPs at the Hot Topic at Salmon Run Mall in Watertown, NY. I got the new Minus The Bear, Hatebreed, SOD, Terror, International Heroes of Hardcore, and some 7?’s for super cheap thanks to a 50% off sale. I also scored a Social D, Rancid, and Misfits shirt for cheap as well. I love deals.

-Dropped an earring (tunnel) down the drain while trying to stretch my ears. I was so pissed but was able to save the newly purchased jewelry by taking the drain apart. All those years of handing tools to my Dad while he did the work paid off.

-My dog ran away, or at least tried to. My wife’s grandmother’s house butts up against a golf course and Sweet Lou made a run for it. I ran as fast as I could chasing him. Of course he thought it was a game. After having what felt like a heart attack I stopped and he turned around and went to say hi to some neighbors who tried to help me. Luckily Sweet Lou is a people person and as soon as he saw the neighbors he greeted them where I promptly grabbed him.

-Watched Heavy Metal In Baghdad. I will be talking about this documentary later. It was really good.

-While at that Salmon Run Mall some girls at a mobile phone booth asked us if we could talk about cellphone plans and I kindly said “no”. When they asked me why I said “because I am from Mexico” forgetting that Mexico, NY is only 40 minutes away from the mall. Yeah that made sense. My wife laughed and I did too.  We also checked out this massive art piece that has been at the mall since the 80’s:

This thing was like Mouse Trap on roids.
This thing was like Mouse Trap on roids.

Jrecks Subs. Greatest tuna subs ever. Their sizes are half and whole. We get tuna on white with swiss cheese and “shakers” a mix of herbs and spices that they sprinkle on the sandwich. We went there twice.

Jean’s Bean’s. Fried haddock fillets of goodness (that’s fish in case you were wondering). The fillets are breaded and dropped into these huge vats of oil. The rumor is that they oil has never been changed hence the great taste. Worth clogging up my arteries. This place is a legend in Watertown, NY and it’s no wonder why. Homemade foods fill up the take out shop with the signature side being the beans made by the Jean family. I can not eat them beans as they cook them with meat. The coleslaw how ever is to die for.

This is where the magic is made...frying magic.
My arteries harden just looking at this picture.

So that was just a few of the fun events that went on while away. I plan on starting a diet starting tomorrow as I know weight was gained from all the good eats. Also since I was with out internet I have a lot of emails to catch up on…

Nap time first.

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