Babble Blog: Tyler Durbin, WV

In case any of you were wondering, I am still alive.  My paying gig has been taking a lot of my free time as has the new relationship I have started with a wonderful girl.  I have not forgotten about BHP and still have a few interviews and whatnot up my sleeves I will be posting shortly.  I can’t let down all 4 of my readers…

Before any of that happens though I thought I might take a little vacation, rather, an adventure.  Skipping Bonnaroo this year (tears still form at my eyes about that decision), I made a pact with one of my best friends to go on an extended camping trip with him and our dogs in the mountains of West Virginia.

I am leaving here as soon as I am done typing up this blog.  Why am I telling you this?  Well because in the middle of the mountains there is no internet or cellular phone service so I am going to be off the grid for a while.  I am excited yet nervous about this as I pretty much depend on the internet and my cellphone these days.  I know, sad.

I will be trying to make daily journal entries that I will compile into a blog when I get back.  Should be interesting as I have not done anything like this in at least 10 years.  I am sure I am going to have a blast but wish me luck anyways.  I need an escape and this should do me just fine.

Be well.

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