Bad Religion Celebrates Fans & Band History w/ New Video

Just caught this amazing video for “Wrong Way Kids” that dropped a couple days ago by one of my all-time favorite punk rock bands.  Bad Religion never ceases to amaze me…

A little bit about the video from Epitaph:

Influential punk rockers Bad Religion have released a moving video for the new single, “Wrong Way Kids” from the group’s critically heralded album, The Dissent of Man. The song is an up-tempo, powerfully melodic tribute to the band and their fan’s shared histories as rebellious yet durable outsiders.

The footage begins in present day with lead singer Greg Graffin offering a knowing message of hope for Bad Religion’s many fans: “Even though they’re misfits,” he states, “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” A subsequent shot reveals a defiantly unconventional Graffin on stage with the band back in 1984 counting down the song intro. From there it’s a surging beat, powerful guitars and signature sing-along chorus set against a stirring non stop montage of found footage showing the band’s remarkable rise from teen rebels to international punk luminaries.

Seriously, how cool is that video?  Young and old Bad Religion footage really shows how far 30-years can go.

The grandfathers of punk will actually be playing a show in Cleveland on May 7th.  Sadly they are opening for Rise Against.  If you ask me, Rise Against should be opening for them.

Sadly I will not be attending the show.  I want to, I really want to.  This will be the first Bad Religion show I have missed since they played the Rock Hall a couple years ago as a suprise guest.  This is one of those bands I make sure I am present at every show, but sometimes I can’t make them all.

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