Bleeding Through – Declaration – CD Review

Photo by Cindy Frey
Photo by Cindy Frey

Straightedge metalcore sensations Bleeding Through continue their mission to rock your face off and implode ear drums while doing so with their latest release Declaration. Combining heavy metal, death metal, punk rock, and even a little black metal, Bleeding Through has their own unique style that is just brutal, and that is an understatement. Having been around since 1999 the band was labeled one of SPIN’s 2003 “Artists To Watch” as well as have been featured in a Revolver “Future of Metal” article. This is the band’s third release once again on metal label Trustkill Records.

Formed by members of other heavy acts such as Eighteen Visions and Throwdown, the band caught my ears when I heard This Is Love, This Is Murderous, the band’s first release with Trustkill Records. I will never forget that day as my ears were introduced to just pure fury. I had just finished up a day at the record store and I was cleaning up getting ready to go. My friend asked if I wanted to hear something heavy and of course I told him to go for it. The moment he hit play on the CD player I was hooked.

This Is Love, This Is Murderous was in heavy rotation on my playlist for years. I was highly disappointed with their next release on Trustkill called The Truth as perhaps I was expecting more from such a strong intro to the band in This Is Love This Is Murderous. I can not say I was that pumped to hear Declaration as I was afraid that their sound may still not compare to taste I enjoyed but that all changed once I finally checked out the CD.

The opening of the CD “Finis Fatalis Spei” was a black metal, evil circus sounding, melodic introduction that set me back for a second until a quote from the movie 300 ended the intro with “Tonight we dine in hell!” From there the CD was an all out mugging on your ears with “Declaration (You Can’t Destroy What You Can Not Replace)”. Death metal, heavy metal, black metal, and even speed metal combine for a powerful first song on this album with Pantera guitar hammering moments thanks to help from As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis.

“Orange Country Blonde and Blue” followed continuing a insane death punch to my ears. Again I can not help me being reminded of Phil Anslemo and crew in this track as well as 90’s metal bands with the chorus. “Germany” really reminded me of Bleeding Through’s earlier years with just non-stop drumming and almost so much guitar that I felt as if the song flew by way too fast.

“There Was A Flood” slowed things down a notch at the beginning with a track that really set well with me. Musically the song was something along the lines of a slower Cradle Of Filth song but I assure you as soon as the song started it seemed to put me in place. Lyrically the song spoke about checking on a mistake from the past and reiterating the high hate for that mistake. For the first time on the CD lead vocalist Brandon Schieppati sings for a moment on the track but is fast to get back to Mastodon-like vocal shredding.

“Reborn From Isolation” has it’s head banging moments until the song actually started making me want to swing my arms carelessly about and attack the air with my fists. It’s songs like these that make me happy I no longer stand in the pit at live shows because I am pretty sure others feel the same way about this track.  “Death Anxiety” had that same fight everyone and everything around you feel.  If you were a fan of This Is Love, This Is Murderous, you agree that this song sounds like it was left off that album.

“The Loving Memory Of England” took a break from the others and had kind of a Pantera “Planet Caravan” moment. The song not only gave me a chance to let your heartbeat settle but it also proved the band has a softer side. “Beneath The Grey” soon dismissed any chance that the CD was going to end mellow with a full blown hard beginning that made me take a second listen when I discovered that the song that had a guitar solo from No Use For A Name’s Dave Nassie.

Closing the CD was “Sister Charlatan” one of my choice cuts on the CD. With a well orchestrated introduction the song still kept with the heavy and has a It Dies Today similarity with a nice mixture of death screaming and harmonious singing. Add intense guitar solos, double bass drumming from hell, and even some beautiful piano playing over a thunderstorm, the song made me feel like I was a schizophrenic with the change ups.

Declaration is everything I was looking for in a Bleeding Though CD including the loud screaming, forceful drumming, and vicious guitar playing combined with enough force and hate to push you down to the ground. Don’t look for this band to clot or heal up anytime soon as there is just too much flowing out right now. If you like your metal loud, heavy, and most of all fast Declaration needs to be in your collection.

Here is the video for “Death Anxiety”:

Did you know that Bleeding Through was featured on Inside Edition report years ago?  It’s true.  The band was on tour and was involved in an accident while traveling.  The band was on their way to a show in Colorado when the bad’s van hit ice and crashed into an already disabled vehicle.  The whole accident was captured on a police cruiser dash-cam as police were on location tending to the previous accident.  Luckily no one was hurt.

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  1. i was a huge fan of This Is Love, This Is Murderous when it came out. The first 30 seconds of Death Anxiety are nice and heavy, but what’s with the vocals? this is one of the only acceptable bands on trustkill- hope the new album is better the than The Truth.

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