Bombadil – So Fresh And So Clean…

Remember the first time you heard something new and fresh to your ears?  I know when I did and after checking out Bombadil‘s Tarpits And Canyonlands on Ramseur Records I can say it happened all over again.  This Bolivian threesome really hints towards their label mates The Avett Brothers but is unique in their own and just has me wanting much more.

How unique you ask? How about a core of electric / acoustic guitars, bass, piano and drums and appearances by harmonica, xylophone, organ, synth, saxophone, trumpet, viola, charango, glockenspiel, accordion, recorder and even zampona… Yeah, almost like a folk rock Gogol Bordello.

Fans of folk and indie rock will be fans of Bombadil once they give them a chance.  Check out the video below or visit their MySpace page for a few extra tracks.

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