Bonnaroo 2009 Plans

Bonnaroo 2009 is on.

So after talking to my good friends Matt and Adam, the gentlemen I have attended the last two Virgin Mobile Festivals with, we agreed to switch up tradition a tad.  This year we thought we would start off our summer with a bang by hitting up Bonnaroo 2009.

I just posted the Bonnaroo 2009 line up the other day and you can view that HERE.  From what I saw I was overly excited.  NIN, Beastie Boys, Coheed & Cambria, Elvis Costello, Snoop Dogg, Jenny Lewis…the list goes on.  The biggest acts announced would have to be Phish who will be playing two sets (and I could care less) and also someone who I have wanted to see live for years, the boss, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band will be there.

Needless to say the line up is incredible.  I still do not think it can top the 2006 line up with Radiohead, Beck, Tom Petty, and Ben Folds just to mention a couple, but it comes in at a close second.  Of course that will be determined once I am on site at the farm grounds enjoying myself.

Last night while deciding if I could afford it I decided to check out nearby hotels.  You see, I am what they call a metrosexual of sorts (nothing extreme) and I am ok with it.  I don’t camp anymore and I need to look my best and smell my best daily.  I admit it, I take care of myself.  There is no way in hell I could camp out for four long hot days in a tent surrounded by 80,000 people most of which party until the sun comes up  That is not my style.  I need A/C, I need a soft bed, and most of all I need internet so I can update all you wonderful readers of my adventures.

Just thinking about my past adventures in 2006 made me want to go even more.  I decided that this year would be a Bonnaroo year.

Before a ticket was even purchased, I found a hotel and booked it immediately.  The hotel is about 40 miles south of the festival grounds and happens to be a Holiday Inn.  In 2006 when I first went to Bonnaroo my friends and I stayed in a dump hotel called Executive Suites, it was gross.  In 2007 when my friends and I went to Baltimore to see the Virgin Festival we found a Motel 6 to stay in.  One of the beds was missing from the room and the other had a huge hole in it.  At that moment I declared never again would I stay in a dump motel.  Nothing but the best for me and my friends.

I know it is going to be hot, humid, hopefully not rainy, and also amazing.  I look forward to being surrounded by all sorts of people and checking out a huge array of musical talent.  I know that when there is nothing going on at one stage tent, that you can move on and find another.  You can also visit the merchants inside Centeroo (gated area where the bands play) as well as venture out into the camping grounds to check out other vendors.

It’s a controlled environment even if many of the attendees are on not-so-much controlled substances.  The main party starts around noon and sometimes goes all the way till 4am.  There is a good vibe throughout the day that I can not wait to be surrounded in again.  I also know that when it is late and I am tired I can go back to a hotel for the night and catch up on sleep well away from the partying.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow.  Once the ticket is purchased we have 4 months until showtime!

If anyone else is planning on going, let me know.

Here’s some pics I took (well before I had a good camera) from the 2006 Bonnaroo:

Main stage @ Bonnaroo
Some of the only running water found on the camp grounds.
Heading out to the camp grounds to look for vendors.

Oh, in case you are wondering about the hotel room in 2007, I made some ads of my own and sent them to Motel 6.  Enjoy:

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