Bouncing Souls – “We All Sing Along” – Song Review

So the groundhog saw it’s shadow the other day.  Yup, that means more winter for some of us.  Don’t threat though, the Bouncing Souls have released their second song on their website called “We Sing Along”!

Bouncing Souls Celebrating 20 Years
Bouncing Souls Celebrating 20 Years

Last month I wrote a little blog here about the Bouncing Souls  celebrating their 20 years as a punk rock band by releasing a single a month (you can read about it HERE). As promised, each month I will be reviewing their singles until the year’s end.

What is it about the Bouncing Souls that is so appealing to me?  I know, they are a great bunch of musicians that continue to create great punk rock and “We Sing Along” is no exception.

The track starts out a little less polished giving for a gritty entrance to the newest punk rock singalong but smooths out nicely.  This punk anthem is aimed at everyone who has their own problems or misguided plans and dealing with them in a positive way.

I loved the line, “but the world has its own ideas, we all must play the hand fate deals.  When our plans have come and gone we all sing one heart song.”  The positive upbeat approach this song has is perfect for all of the folk out there who have dreams but have not accomplished them just yet.  The song is very likable and honestly now one of my favorite Bouncing Souls songs to date.

Want to hear it?  Like I mentioned before you will have to buy it in order to listen to it.  The song costs $0.99 and you don’t even have to leave home to buy it. Check out the websites of the Bouncing Souls or their label Chunksaah Records to purchase “We All Sing Along” and be sure to remember to return to either site at the beginning of each month to grab their next single for the rest of the year.

Also check back here on good ol’ as I will be reviewing each song every month!  Two down, ten more to go, I can honestly I say I am very excited to hear next month’s installment.

Since I can’t share the song I thought I would at least throw in a couple of videos for your visual pleasure:

Bouncing Souls – “Kids and Heroes”

Bouncing Souls – “Anchors Aweigh”

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