Contest: Turn Signals Are Used For…

UPDATE:  Concert ended on 03/18/2009.  Thank you to all who entered!!!!

Well I think today is a good day to start a contest.  FREE STUFF.  Keep reading…

Recently I was given some copies of the new Fountains Of Wayne live DVD for a giveaway of sorts thanks to my friends at The Syndicate.  I tried thinking of some witty contest to have people enter to win one.

Before I do that though I just wanted to talk about Fountains Of Wayne for a moment…  I know I know…bare with me.  Free stuff soon.

“Stacy’s Mom” is indeed the song that Fountains Of Wayne will be labeled with forever.  As amusing as the video was for the song I never cared for it and regretfully assumed that all other material that this band created sounded just like that song.  I wanted nothing to so with it so I never looked into their catalog.

I missed out.

In 2007 I attended the Virgin Mobile Festival with my pals Matt and ((RAD))am.  Matt kept talking about wanting to see the Fountains Of Wayne set and I thought he was joking or had a guilty pleasure I was not aware of.  I mean, Matt is a huge music lover and all, but a pop punk band?  Matt proceeded to correct my judgement of the band and told me to at least give them a shot.

I checked them out and loved them.  I was so missing out on this band and could not believe how great they were.  Why do I keep judging bands based off of one song?  Because that is how I am.  I’ll try anything once and usually it is the first taste that is a deal-breaker or not.  If not I have the tendency of spitting that initial taste out and never returning to it.  Fountains Of Wayne, I apologize.  You all taste just fine.

Win a copy of this DVD - See below for details
Win a copy of this DVD - See below for details on how this can happen...

So recently a Fountains Of Wayne DVD was released through Shout Factory Records called No Better Place: Live In Chicago.  This is the band’s first DVD to be released and features 80 minutes of live footage including live performances and even some extra goodies in there.  The concert was shot in front of a live audience in Chicago and was even recorded in 5.1 Surround.

So are you still hanging in there trying to figure out when I am going to tell you how you can win a copy?

I’ll tell you in a second…maybe…as in….right now.

Ok, I have 3 copies of this DVD for giveaway.  I could be easy and just say the first three people to comment get one but that is not far for people who may be away from the internet or who were too tired to read all the way to this point.

So here is the contest:

I have pet peeves.  I have a lot of them.  I can’t stand it when people do not use their turn signals while driving, it drives me mad (no pun intended).  I can not have the tag of a blanket be near my face when sleeping.  I hate when people type your and mean you’re… The list continues.  Enough about me though.  What about you?

I want to know one of your most random weird pet peeves of yours.

Post a comment with your submission and do not forget to enter a valid email where it asks you to so I can contact you should I find yours hilarious.  Once a winner is chosen I will email you for shipping info and boo ya, you have a Fountains Of Wayne DVD.  This contest starts now and will end on 03/18/2009.  Ready. Set. Go!

DVD info:

I’ve Got A Flair
Mexican Wine
Janice’s Party
No Better Place
Hey Julie
Valley Winter Song
Sick Day
Red Dragon Tattoo
Stacy’s Mom
Bright Future In Sales
Radiation Vibe
Survival Car
Sink To The Bottom

(All-New, Never-Before-Seen Acoustic Performances from their 2007 release Traffic & Weather)
It Must Be Summer
Someone To Love
Joe Rey
Fire In The Canyon

7 thoughts on “Contest: Turn Signals Are Used For…”

  1. I hate when people make their pets wear clothes. I hate when people abbreviate every single word in a sentence. I hate when people have smart phones and don’t sync them with their computer, they’re smart phones for a reason. I hate when people talk on their cell phones like they’re walkie talkies. I hate bluetooth headsets while out shopping. I hate skinny jeans on dudes.

  2. Jeremy took my #1 pet peeve of people wearing that frigging Bluetooth like its an accessory or they are so effing important they are always expecting a call. The over use of text talk abbreviations Like IMHO, LOL, etc.. except L8R cause that one makes me feel like I am still in high school, long before we had text and chat rooms speak. I also can’t stand Tanorexics those over tanning salon fake tanner look like an umpa -loompa.

  3. First of all, it is my belief that The Blue toof headset is replacing the Pager of the 90’s…. Think about it drug dealers always carried Pagers, never know when you’ll need a rock and or rail. Well i guess doctors carried them too, never know when someone needs a heart transplant.. Crack and Heart transplants…Via Pager or now Bluetooth Headset. Any way i don’t know if this is a pet peeve but i hate it when someone is pissing me off while i’m driving and when i go to give them ” the bird” i’m wearing a mitten. I guess it’s my fault… it’s kinda a winter thing i suppose.

  4. i hate when you go poop, think you are done, get up and two minutes later you have to go again.

  5. Convertible mittens do not rule. They are impractical as opposed to some nice gloves with a good grip. That’s the worst thing about the poop. It happens to me all the time.

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