Contest: Win An Unwritten Law Prize Pack

Finals are done and I finally have some freedom from forcing knowledge into my brain.  That means more updates on good ‘ol BHP.

Let’s start off things with right way with a contest.  I have not had one in a while so why not?  How about an Unwritten Law contest?

Up for grabs I have 3 Unwritten Law prize packs that will include:

  • A CD of Unwritten Law’s Swan 
  • An Unwritten Law t-shirt
  • An Unwritten Law poster

I reviewed Swan a few weeks ago when it released and wound up enjoying it.  The band has been through a lot over the years and still are dishing out material.  If you have not heard their new album yet, you have no reason to not try and win it then! 

So how do you win one of these prize packs?  Throw in a comment below with a valid email telling me what class in high school or college you absolutely hated.  You know what kind of class I am talking about, the one class you would have rather chewed off your own arm to get out of the room.

Mine would have to have been the Shakespeare class I took at Tri-C years ago.  I had no right signing up for that class and was absolutely miserable taking it.  I wound up dropping it because I knew it was only going to hurt my GPA plus I was not about to read a Shakespeare book a week…

I will pick 3 random winners this weekend.

Good luck!!!

4 thoughts on “Contest: Win An Unwritten Law Prize Pack”

  1. I hated my Algebra classes, both in high school and college. Math does not come easy for me; so sitting in a 4 hour class like I had to do in college, made me want to lose my mind.

  2. Dude. I had this environmental science class that I took as a senior just to breeze through some extra credits. This class sucked so much ass that I wanted to kill myself everyday in there. It was the worst, and it was SO difficult. I ended up skating right on through with a D+!

  3. Honors bio-chem in high school… thought I was knocking out two terrible science classes at once…. actually found that I enjoyed sleeping more than learning about chromosomes….. didn’t end well

  4. Spanish 1, I was a junior and everyone else was a freshman. I was known as Juan in it and would never answer to it or speak back in spanish. My teacher gave me a D, just to get rid of me.

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