Details On New Devils Brigade Album!

Matt Freeman (sporting the hat in the pic to the left) is releasing a full length Devils Brigade album!!!!!!  As a long time Rancid/Hellcat fan I am just thrilled to have heard this.  The album will drop at the end of August and a tour will follow.  With any luck he will be playing a show in Cleveland.  One can only hope!

Matt Freeman is without a doubt one of my favorite bassists out there.  Having played with Op Ivy as well as Auntie Christ his most known material is of course with Rancid. He and Tim Armstrong have actually been friends since they were little kids so it is no wonder that their musical careers have revolved around one another.

Devils Brigade was just a side project with a song released here and there but until now Matt Freemon never took the time to record his own album.    See below on the following Epitaph press release about this exciting news!


Celebrated Bay Area punk legend Matt Freeman of Rancid and Operation Ivy fame will release the long awaited, self-titled debut album for his side project Devils Brigade on August 31 via Hellcat Records.  The bass player has assimilated a touring band to join him this fall when they hit the road with labelmates Street Dogs on a US tour.

Devils Brigade was conceived in 2000, when bassist Matt Freeman began writing songs with Tim Armstrong between Rancid tours.  This led to a few EPs and some songs on Hellcat’s Give Em The Boot compilation, but the project was put on the back burner when Rancid began touring and recording again.  Years went by and after Rancid took a break from touring on the Let The Dominoes Fall record, Matt got the itch to reactivate the project with a new studio album.

“The original concept for this record was going to be a musical,” says Freeman.  “Tim had been kicking around an idea of doing a musical about the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.  He had the title “Half Way To Hell Club.”  This was based on the name for the bridge workers who fell off the bridge while it was being built and fell into the safety net that was between them and the ocean.  We grew up in the East Bay looking at that bridge and it has always been a part of our lives.  Six of those songs ended up on the Devils Brigade record.  The other songs were all original Devils Brigade songs from the first demo.  We thought they were still good and we should record them again.”

In early 2010, Matt and Tim entered the studio with DJ Bonebrake from the influential punk group X and recorded twelve quick tempered songs featuring Matt’s signature, snarling vocals along with his snap, thumping upright bass, which shine through on roots driven punk tracks like  “I’m Moving Through,” “Who’s Gonna Save Your Now” and “My Own Man Now.”

“It was a great vibe in the studio,” Matt adds.  “The record has a real live and loose vibe.  Loose in a good way.  Tim’s guitar style blended really well with DJ and everything clicked very quickly.  We had a lot of fun making this record.  I am going to take it out on the road whenever I can when Rancid is not doing anything.”

Stay tuned to and for updates and news regarding Devils Brigade.

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