DHL – Doesn’t Honor Literacy

I’m not one to complain a lot. Complaining can be annoying if performed constantly so I try to avoid it at all costs.  Well, not today…I have to complain about this because honestly I am peeved about what I am dealing with right now.

J-Day is less than a month away. I take full advantage of the internet during this time of the year and stay out of the stores for fear that someone might annoy me to the point where I might try and knock them out with a animated reindeer display at the local Wal-Mart… That would actually be pretty awesome.

Anyways so I ordered some product from a website for gifts for my loved ones. The company took my money and shipped the package via DHL. I tracked the package daily just to make sure it would get to my house safe and sound.

On Monday I saw that it was en-route. Tuesday it was in Pennsylvania. Wednesday it was delivered to my front door at 11:15am, so I thought.

I came home and there was nothing there. First thing I thought was that some punk kid saw the box and grabbed it. I then thought maybe it was not delivered so I tracked the package online and looked for any indication on how it was left at my house.

I saw that it was delivered at 11:15am and there was a signature. I clicked on the link for the signature and noticed that it said LD FD ABAB (ABAB is actually an address but for the sake of privacy I have changed it to letters). LD FD looks like it meant “Left At Front Door” but the thing that got me was my address was not ABAB, it is ABBA (ha, abba…just read on…).

I called DHL and asked them if they would tell me the address the package was delivered to.

Not to copy Matt at his USPS extravaganza (hey Matt, check out my category for the post), here is my conversation with the nice DHL lady:

DHL: Sir, the package was left by the carrier at ABAB at the front door.

ME: Can you tell me the address that was on the package please?

DHL:  Sure…  The street address is ABBA.

ME:  You said it was left at ABAB right?

DHL:  Yes Sir.  Oh….

ME:  Yeah…  Now what?

DHL:  Well on Friday we can have the carrier attempt to reclaim the package and they can deliver it to your house.

ME:  What if they can not retrieve the package?

DHL:  In the event the package can not be retrieved a claim may be opened through DHL.

ME:  Great.

DHL:  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  We will call you on Friday once the carrier has tried to retrieve the package.  If the package is retrieved it will be delivered to your home.

ME:  Fantastic.

So I waited.  As promised DHL called me today to let me know that they were unsuccessful in retrieving the package.  I was not surprised at all.  I was almost tempted to ask them if they even sent someone.  They instructed me to contact the company that shipped the package to me and to file a claim.  I emailed the company this morning and hope to heard back from them soon.

I could have gone to ABAB and knocked on the door but I did not.  First, I have no idea who lives at ABAB and second I really should not have to do such a thing.  The only way I will go to ABAB and knock on their door is if the claim can not be filed and I am threatened to lose the money I paid for the gifts I bought.

Since they were sweet gifts I would not be shocked if the people who live behind the door at ABAB would have a case of amnesia if I asked them if they received a box on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Let’s hope this gets taken care of correctly.  I would have to have to complain again.

I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Family, friends, food, fun…  The things that make those memories so special….especially the food……

3 thoughts on “DHL – Doesn’t Honor Literacy”

  1. Hey man at least you didn’t get stampeded at Wal-Mart! Flippin’ STAMPEDE at wal-mart. America is Savage!!!!! jezus.

  2. I noted your most excellent category during one of my previous visits. Awesome.

    I hope that ABAB do the right thing. I’d hate to have to make a house call to those MF’ers.

    Most of my DHL fun usually involves people on the other end. Shipping stuff to hotels for conventions – Once you get to the hotel, it’s nowhere to be found. You inquire at the desk, and find out that “they never got it.”

    Let me tell you, it’s fun to change their perception of never having received it, by reading them the name of their staff member who signed for it, and watching their eyes glaze over with recognition, slowly replaced by an angry look as they go off to hunt down their employed imbecile.

    So classic.

    Hope that you get your goods!

  3. A couple of years ago I had to have my laptop sent back to deal for some issues I was having with it. Dell used DHL to ship the packaged and they fixed my laptop but somehow sent it my address in Madison Wisconsin even though I no longer lived there. Since I no longer lived there they had my lap top sitting at the depot for a week until I called Dell and yelled at them asking where was my lap top and the explained to how it was sitting @ the DHL depot in Madison. I had to then call over to the depot and explain the situation luckily they were able to reroute it back to Dell in TN. anyways f dell & dhL

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