Fountains Of Wayne DVD Contest Winners

Thanks to all who participated in the contest.  As per a previous blog I had copies of the new Fountains Of Wayne live DVD for a giveaway of sorts thanks to my friends at The Syndicate, three to be exact.  I chose three winners this morning based upon their random pet peeves.

Here are the winners:

(((RAD)))am – “i hate it when someone is pissing me off while i’m driving and when i go to give them ” the bird” i’m wearing a mitten”

Chekdemon – “I also can’t stand Tanorexics those over tanning salon fake tanner look like an umpa -loompa”

Jeremy – “I hate when people make their pets wear clothes”

Winners have been notified by email.

Thanks for all who checked it out.  Look for more contests in the future!!!

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