Foxy Shazam – Out Today

I woke up this morning unlike any other morning I have had in quite some time.  Today was the day that Foxy Shazam‘s self-titled album finally dropped.  The moment I woke up my iPhone was in my hands and I purchased the deluxe album version off of iTunes.

Words that I will use to describe this new album: Punk, Fierce, Soulful, Wreckless, Unforgettable

These guys have the potential to go in a history of sorts where the rock bands of the 70’s rest with high honors.  Cincinnati’s Foxy Shazam could very well go down in a shameful self-destructing crash of defeat and still be one of the best acts of their time – yea, I know bold statement from me.  They just have that quality of awesomeness I have not seen or heard in years.  Think Iggy Pop/Freddie Mercury energy mixed with arena rock qualities and soul like no other.  Foxy Shazam will be heard.

Can’t say that everyone is going to dig this album but if you want something different – you know what to do.

Here’s an older video…

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