Good Riddance To Play Again!

5 years ago, a punk band I had grown up with played their final show.  They called it quits to do their own thing, raise their families, and just live lives with the intention of being done forever (hence the final show). 

 As bummed as I was then, I respected Good Riddance‘s decision. Their final show was recorded  in 2007 and the band released it.  To this day, Remain In Memory – The Final Show is an album I still listen to on a regular basis.  It is just that good.

Today, I was on their website killing some time and saw this:

After nearly five years, Good Riddance has decided to perform as a band again. The number of shows, when and where and all the other specifics have yet to be determined but for those of us who really missed the songs and those of you who maybe never got to see the band play, there will be Good Riddance shows in 2012 and perhaps beyond.

This is awesome. 

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