Humor at it’s finest…thanks to the dumb.

Well since I am bummed out a little since the Elton John / Billy Joel concert sold out (at least my price range) I thought I would share some humor to you all.

My buddy who I am visiting shared a very funny website with me this morning called (The Customer Is) Not Always Right

The site is personal conversations between people who work in customer service and the dumb…

It is hilarious and after working retail for 10 years of my life I can totally relate to some of these shared conversations. Here is just a snippet:

What A Tangled Web We Weave

Coffee Shop | Northridge, CA, USA

(A customer had already ordered, picked up, and drank most of his drink. He then walked up to the counter and was very angry.)

Me: “How can I help you?”

Customer: “What the f*** is this?!” *points to his cup*

Me: “It looks like the drink I made you, and you seem to have already enjoyed it.”

Customer: “No smart-a**…this!” *pours the drink onto the counter and a key bounces out* “What the f*** is going on here?!”

Me: *alarmed* “I am SO sorry sir! When I made the drink, I know there wasn’t a key in it. Let me make you a new one.”

Customer: “Yeah! You f***in’ better make me a new f***in’ drink. This is complete bulls***! You’re lucky I don’t sue you and this coffee company!”

(I take the key and make him a new drink, and he goes and sits outside with his friends. The key wasn’t mine, so I started asking coworkers and customers. No one was claiming it. The customer walked up about 5 minutes later, bright red and embarrassed.)

Customer: “Yeah, uh…I’m going to need my car key back so I can go home….”

For more entertaining and head scratching conversations visit (The Customer Is) Not Always Right

Have a great weekend all!

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