I Am A Zombie For Her Love

Sorry Those Darlins, I have another crush now to add to you three.  Not that you three will ever lose me as a “Those Darlins Junkie”, but today I was introduced to Kim Lenz, a redheaded rockabilly beauty from L.A. who is joined by her backing band The Jaguars.  This modern day rockabilly band is amazing and I can not believe I have not heard any of their material before.  That of course is going to change for this guy…

I am shocked to hear she has been putting albums out since 1998 and a rockabilly fan like myself never heard about her.  Then again I am not the biggest rockabilly fan so I am sure I am going to be missing out on good bands.  If any of you readers know of any I should check out leave a comment at the bottom of this post and thank you in advance.

Check out the awesome “Zombie For Your Love” video off Kim Lenz & The Jaguars latest release It’s All True!.  Look for the “Thriller” reference in there while you are at it too.

Zombie For Your Love

One thought on “I Am A Zombie For Her Love”

  1. She’s great. I just put her in my list of future downloads. Did anyone else think of “From Dusk til Dawn” about half way through the video? Want to know a rockabilly band I can’t get enough of? The Surgens. Don’t think twice about downloading an album, just get it. A bunch of the songs are kinda dark, but if you’re not shaking your butt in about 30 seconds into the album, you have some problems.

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