I Want: Tofurkey & Gravy Soda

I came accross this while surfing the internets.  I want.  I really do…

When it comes to a holiday meal I am the one who always gets questioned by my family.  I am for the most part a vegetarian.  I say “for the most part” because I like seafood.  I never labeled myself vegetarian, others did, and I am not a vegan because I love cheese (even though I hate milk).  I guess I am just a picky eater.

Regardless, when it comes to Thanksgiving I usually eat the mashed potatoes and the vegetarian stuffing I bring.  I am ok with that.  Sometimes I even bring Tofurky, but only because my family gets a laugh out of it.  They don’t understand my eating habits. 

This year I am bringing something different to the table…

Jones teamed up with the good folks at Tofurky and came up with this:

Turkey and gravy flavored soda? 

As if that is not hilarious enough, it’s vegan! 

You can buy a gift pack just in time for the holidays if you want to liven things up a little.  Each limited edition gift pack includes:

— 1 Bottle of Jones Zilch Black Cherry
— 1 Bottle of Jones Zilch Pomegranate
— 1 Bottle of Jones Zilch Vanilla Bean
— 3 Bottles of ToFurkey
— 1 ToFurkey Metal Lunch Box.

All this for only $11.99.


Also, with each case sold, Jones will donate $1 to PAWS, people helping animals. That right there is a good thing.

If anyone does happen to order this too I want to hear what you think.  I have had some of the Jones holiday sodas before and they were pretty….well…interesting.  I am looking forward to this.

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