J-Day is almost here…

Oh boy kids, the day is almost here!!!

I have to confess that I was one of those a-holes up at the butt crack of dawn today doing last minute shopping but I have reasons why, and I guess so did all the other shoppers around me.  Thankfully it was not that crowded / insane…yet.

With being out of town for the last week I did not have much oppertunity to do the limited shopping for friends and family so it was completed this morning.  I got good gifts, I done good yes um uh huh.

There is still some time before I get to see family and friends rip open the newspaper wrapped gifts so what better thing to do then to find some amusing content to post on this wonderful website. I thought today that I would post some of my favorite YouTube videos for your entertainment. I tried to keep the cussing to a low so if anything sneaks in there my apologies…

Have you ever seen a GI Joe PSA?

Rock Me Diabeetus:

Freestyle Rap Battle (translated):

Techno Viking (fun starts around the 1:00 mark)

And since it is the holidays… I always seem to see this clip of Tony Rizzo eating the sidewalk on Fox 8. Cracks me up every time:

Still looking for more? How about some Seth McFarlane humor (good stuff starts at the 30 second mark):

and finally…

Hope I was able to entertain you all a little bit. Enjoy the day!!!

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