Not a lot of new albums have been catching my ears as of late, but L.A.’s letlive. has grabbed my attention with their latest post-hardcore release.  Following the lines of Glassjaw and Refused, this is the music that needs to stick around.  Hell I can even hear a little Blood Brothers and At The Drive In in their music and I really find that awesome.

letlive. has been around since 2002, but recently signed with Epitaph and their album Fake History is dropping April 12th for your listening pleasure.  Rumor has it that their live shows are absolutely insane.  Here’s hoping for a Cleveland show to see if that is true.

Check out their video for “Renegade 86”:

Here’s a video for “The Sick, Sick 8.6 Billion” their dropped on their MySpace page:

letlive. – “The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion”

letlive | Myspace Music Videos

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