MC Chris Putting On The Brakes???

I saw this yesterday on one of MC Chris‘s daily bulletins on MySpace (click the picture to go to his MySpace profile):

Time for a break MC Chris???
Time for a break MC Chris???

 Looks like the one man show is going to be taking a break.  Rightfully so, the guy has been touring mad crazy ever since I have first heard about him.  In the last 3 years I have seen him 3 times and was supposed to see him just a few weeks ago but could not get off of work. 

MC Chris
MC Chris

Are you wondering who I am talking about?  The best way to describe MC Chris is nerdcore even though the artist tries his hardest to stay away from that scene.  Nerdcore is hip hop beats with nerdy lyrics.  Imagine a sweet beat layed with rhymes about Star Wars or robot dogs and you have a hint of nerdcore.  Mind you not all of MC Chris’ songs are in fact nerdcore, but still many associate him with it.  Aside from songs MC Chris also likes to throw in a few little comedy skits and trust me some of it is hilarious.  It’s hit or miss, you love it or hate it, and of course I love it.

The one thing I admire about the man is that he has done it all by himself.  He used to work on the Adult Swim show Sealab 2021 as well as on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and opted to leave to persue his own passion, music.  He tours with just a merch guy and handles everything himself.  One man show indeed.

He has released 6 CDs since 2001 and not one has been on a record label.  He is an internet addict posting blogs daily and is very personal with his fans.  I love reading his blogs as he just talks about random things from dates he went on to the newest Xbox 360 game he got sucked in to.  He is real and does not act like a rock star at all.  Yet another reason why I like this guy so much.

Hearing he is taking a break is good and bad at the same time.  It’s good because I know he was at one time was trying to have his own show of sorts on Adult Swim.  Details about his project are unclear but I know it will be entertaining as his music.

Also if you are wondering what Black Friday 2 is, it is MC Chris’ sale of the year for his merch on his very own website.  Head over to if you want to buy some gear at pretty good prices.

Here’s a bad quality video I took at him at one of the shows I was at (WARNING: Cussing Will Happen):

To clarify what was going on in the video:  There was a drunk kid who was being drunk and dumb and MC Chris asked the kid to come up on stage and stand in the corner.  When said drunk kid kept dancing and mocking the main act, MC Chris helped the kid exit the building.  The quality of the video was crap, but it should give you a small taste of the sold out show that night…

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  1. Damnit! For one bullshit reason or another i’ve missed him every time he came to cleveland. oh well.

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