My Complaints About The Rock Hall Induction Ceremony On FUSE

Thanks to my DVR I finally have found some time to sit down and see what the people at home got to view last week on FUSE during the Rock Hall Induction Ceremony.  In case you forgot or had no idea I was one of the lucky in attendance last week and wrote a little blog about it.  You can read that HERE if you feel so inclined to do so.

I realize the FUSE broadcasting was supposed to be live but the ceremony started 1 hour prior to the showing so obviously there would be some editing to make it appropriate for TV.  Still I had a couple complaints…mostly over overlapping.

Little Anthony and the Imperials should have had both songs they performed live shown on FUSE and not edited with their acceptance speeches intertwined.  Honestly their performance was one of the best of that evening…

Same thing with Bobby Womack…  I guess this is how they do the ceremonies.  I admit this is the first time I ever sat through a Rock Hall Induction Ceremony on TV so I am not sure how previous ones were.

I am glad they showed Eminem’s entire speech.

Jeff Beck’s middle finger of course was blurred.

I got a better look at Tal Wikenfeld owning the bass during the Jeff Beck / Jimmy Page performance.  She is without a doubt…amazing.

I did get a kick out of the backstage footage of Jeff Beck and Tal Wikenfeld playing her bass at the same time.  I guess that was a bonus of seeing this ceremony from the comfort of your home…

Wow, the DJ Fontana / Bill Black sideman induction got butchered.

Wanda Jackson’s induction was nicely mixed with Rosanne Cash’s speech and video footage.  Did I just give a compliment?  Yes, I did.  I also was not aware how short Wanda Jackson was when I saw her last week…  Tiny woman.  Tiny woman also did not have her performance shown on national TV…  There’s my complaint.

Metallica.  It was clear that FUSE was/is pro-Metallica seeing how they broadcast as much Metallica during the week leading up the the induction so it was no surprise more of their footage shown from the induction than other inductees.  Flea’s speech was great to hear again, even if it was edited…  By the way, Jason Newsted’s wife/girlfriend is HOT…haha.

Dumb move having Metallica’s acceptance speeches overlapping their live performance of “Master Of Puppets” though I am glad the some parts of each member’s speeches were included.  They did NOT show Cliff Burton’s father speak and that to me should have been shown.

I’ll say it again too…  How cool would it be for Jason Newsted to join Metallica again???

One of the all-star finales (performance of “Jail House Rock”) was not even shown!  What gives?  They really should have shown that.  Wanda Jackson, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Rosanne Cash, DJ Fontana, Bobby Womack, and others really put on a fun little number.

I was nice to see a re-cap of sorts thanks to the FUSE broadcast of the Rock Hall Induction Ceremony.  I do feel that the people at home were really robbed of some memorable moments during the evening granted they did not have to pay anything more than a cable bill to see it, but still…

Again it was awesome to be a part and still can not believe I was a part of it.

By the way, have you seen what Matt at Addicted To Vinyl had to say about the event?  It is an exceptional read and I will be eternally jealous of him…

2 thoughts on “My Complaints About The Rock Hall Induction Ceremony On FUSE”

  1. The original Fuse broadcast did have Beck’s finger intact. They musta finally caught it for the rebroadcast. I thought it was rock and roll that it made it into the original broadcast.

  2. Ahh, I missed that Matt because I forgot to DVR the original… It might be blurred too because I DVRed the 5pm showing…

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